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Even though Pages is a respectable word processor, it doesn’t work well with Microsoft Word. Find out how to open and change Pages files in Windows 10.

Apple Pages, which is included in the iWork suite together with Numbers (which functions like Excel) and Keynote, is the company’s answer to Microsoft Word (like PowerPoint).

The business released the suite free on Mac desktops and iOS devices in 2017. This suggests that a large number of users are probably using it instead of pulling out their wallets to purchase a Microsoft 365 (formerly O365) subscription.

Border Animation by Sean McCaffery

Users of Microsoft’s suite will therefore probably occasionally encounter an Apple Pages document. You have a couple options if you need to view it. Uploading the file to Apple’s iCloud is the simplest choice, which is wonderful if you already use Apple’s service.

Elastic SVG Sidebar by Nikolay Talanov

What if you don’t utilise iCloud, though? See how to view and open Apple Pages, Numbers, and even Keynote files on Windows 10 in the following article.

Pull Down to Refresh by Nikolay Talanov

You can view the first page of a Pages document, the first worksheet of a Numbers workbook, and the first slide of a Keynote presentation even if you don’t have access to a Mac. As an example, we’ll utilise a Pages document.

Animated Gradient on Text by Patrick Young

The following dialogue box will appear when you attempt to open an Apple Pages file in Microsoft Word.

Heart Animation by Nikolay Talanov

You see another another dialogue box after clicking OK.

Let s Travel by jjperezaguinaga

If you choose to click Yes or No, a third dialogue box appears to let you know that Microsoft is unable to open the file.

Menu toggle animation by Tamino Martinius

Finally, click OK to exit this process.

Animated Infographic by Sdras

Pages documents are fascinating since they are compressed files. To read the file’s contents, change the file’s extension to.zip.

Rain-Bros don t like JS by cihadturhan

The following confirmation dialogue box appears when you change the file extension from.txt to.zip; clickYesto change the extension.

Clock by Mohamad Mohebifar

You can extract the files from the Pages file using any zip application, such as 7-Zip.

Rainbow Rocket Man by Chris Gannon

Many image files can be found after extracting the.zipfile. See the first page of the document by opening the largest picture file in your preferred image editor.

Animated Icon by Luigi De Rosa

The image file can be included into a Word document, however editing the document is not possible. You may learn how to convert Pages documents into Word documents, Numbers files into Excel files, and Keynote files into PowerPoint files in the next section.

Flat Workspace by Ho ng Nh t

The old method works if all you want to do is read the first page, worksheet, or slide in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote documents. But, you must convert them to Microsoft Office documents if you wish to examine more of the papers or edit them.

The clickable animated icon by Hamish Williams

If you have access to a Mac, you can use the Pages software to convert Pages documents into Word documents. Documents created in Numbers or Keynote can be converted using the same procedure.

Diving by Chris Gannon

File > Export To > Word should be selected after opening the document in Pages.

Motion for the web by LegoMushroom

The Word tab should be selected at the top of the Export Your Document dialogue box.

Animated writing font by Lee Porter

Check the box labelled “Require password to open” to add a password to the document. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan just in case. To help you remember your password, enter a suggestion in the Password Hintbox.

Gooey menu by Lucas Bebber

You have the option to save the document as a.docxfile (Office 2007 and later) or a.docfile under Advanced Options (Office 2003 or earlier).

New Cake by Marco Barr a


Thank you by Rachel Smith

Choose a location to store the Word document and give it a name in the Save As box.

CSS vs SVG by Mario Sanchez Maselli

Next, select Export.

Walking Dog by Mark Nelson

You can use your iOS device to convert your iWorks project into a Microsoft Office document if you don’t own a Mac but do own an iPhone or iPad.

Hourglass loader by Leela

Once more, we’ll utilise a Pages document as our example.

Logo Animation by Adem ilter

On your iPhone or iPad, open Pages and tap the menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the top-right corner of the screen to access your work.

Stats animation by Jonas Badalic

Tap Export on the Morescreen.

Ouroboros by Noel Delgado

Four formats are available for conversion on TheExportscreen. You can select any of these formats, but for the sake of this example, Word will be used.

Creative Gooey Effects by Lucas Bebber

So, tapWord.

Throw the cow by Sarah Drasner

The Pick How to Send link is located at the bottom of the Export screen.

Animated Logo by Ali

It’s not necessary to tap the link. TheSharescreen appears automatically.

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