4 Ways to Read Deleted Reddit Comments

You must have noticed deleted or removed comments while exploring Reddit, which may have piqued your interest. But did you know that you may restore the majority of these erased comments using technologies from outside sources?

I’ll show you four tools in today’s post that can help you in some manner see deleted Reddit comments. These resources can be used without cost and are lawful.

Be aware that offensive comments on Reddit are frequently deleted for a reason. Prepare yourself for any upsetting comments before attempting to read deleted Reddit comments.

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1. Ceddit

The greatest option right now for rapidly examining deleted comments on Reddit is Ceddit. It is a third-party website that offers its own experience for browsing Reddit posts.

The majority of the deleted comments in a thread are automatically recovered, and they are highlighted in red. While some sorts of deleted comments, including those removed by Reddit’s auto moderator, could not be recoverable.

You can navigate through it similarly to how you surf Reddit and check for articles that have been highlighted in red if all you want to do is read removed comments. Ceddit has retrieved deleted comments that were made on these posts.

But, there is a quicker method than manually searching for deleted comments if you want to view them in a certain post. Simply open that post on Reddit and change reddit.com’s “r” to “c” in the URL to make it ceddit.com.

Following is an example of the URL changing:


Expelled college students of Reddit, why are you expelled?
by inAskReddit



This will open that page in the Ceddit interface, where you may browse and view the red-highlighted comments.

2. ReSavr

ReSavr can be a useful resource if you’re interested in reading removed comments for educational purposes. All deleted comments that over 1000 characters are automatically saved by ReSavr.

ReSavr can assist you in discovering some true gems that you might not otherwise see, according to the premise that longer comments have a higher likelihood of concealing useful information.

ReSavrextracts all posts with these types of comments and displays them in a user-friendly manner. It displays the post title as well as the total word count of the deleted remark.

A curious feature allows you to rapidly scan through and just read the comments that are worthwhile by displaying a preview of the comment when your mouse is over the title of the comment.

Many of the deleted comments on ReSavr that I looked through were actually very insightful and worth reading.

3. Un-Delete Reddit Comments

With the help of this Chrome extension, you may save Reddit content for later viewing. It enables you to save all comments, even if they are later deleted. If you manually cache each significant topic, it can be a powerful tool even though it won’t allow you to restore already-deleted comments.

Simply open the Reddit post you want to cache and click the extension button to use the extension. The Link will be displayed together with a bigCachebutton by the extension.

The button must be clicked for the page to be cached. To restore the saved page, click the extension button one again later.

The ability to preserve all forms of comments is a plus. In contrast to Ceddit, which might not be able to restore some sorts of deleted comments.

4. Wayback Machine

A web archiving tool called Wayback Machine captures screenshots of webpages and caches them so that everyone can view them. In order to go back in time and read a comment before it was removed, it also screenshots Reddit postings.

But, I won’t advise you to use Wayback Machine as your main method of reading deleted Reddit comments.

To find the precise comment you are looking for, you’ll need to put in some effort. This entails scanning through dozens of screenshots of the same post.

How it works

Enter the exact URL of the post whose deleted comments you want to view. A calendar with blue circles around dates indicating that screenshots of this post were taken on those specific days will be displayed by Wayback Machine.

So all you have to do to find the day the remark was deleted and view all the screenshots is search for that day. I’ll demonstrate an easy method I use to quickly search for deleted comments because I know how difficult it can be (believe me on this).

To quickly locate the removed comment:

  1. Go to Reddit and see how many days ago the comment was deleted (it will be written next to it).
  2. Now use a calculator and a calendar to move back that many days from the current day when you are viewing the comment (For example, if it says 67 days old, then simply move 67 days back from the current day and see what is the date on that specific day).
  3. When you have the exact day when that comment was deleted simply move to the exact date in the Wayback machine.
  4. Now hover your mouse cursor over that date and you should see some screenshots with the exact time when they were taken. You now just need to look for the screenshot that was taken before the comment was deleted.

By opening the final screenshot of the day and scanning for the deleted comment, you can more easily identify the correct screenshot. Note the precise deletion time, which is indicated next to it in hours.

The content of the removed comment should then be visible if you go to the screenshot taken earlier than that precise moment.

Using this approach, it took me close to 15 minutes to locate the same removed remark example that I had provided in the Ceddit screenshot. The deleted comment had two further paragraphs that were interestingly found on the Wayback Machine and later updated by the user.

As you can see in the screenshots, Ceddit was unable to reveal the modified content. Hence, if you really want to delve deeper, I think Wayback Machine is a superior option for viewing deleted Reddit comments.

Please take note:

Based on activity on a web link, Wayback Machine collects screenshots.

More screenshots will be taken the more popular the post was (i.e. more chances of reaching the exact comment).

There will still be some screenshots from when people were commenting on the post, even if it wasn’t very well-liked.

How to Check If a Facebook Post Has Been Edited

How to Check If a Facebook Post Has Been Edited

If the remark was made when the post was first published, or at the very least when it was popular, there should almost always be a snapshot of the removed comment. If the deleted comment was made months after the activity on the post, you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Ending thoughts

After a post is published, Facebook enables for editing. That might be a blessing for those who are forgetful, who… Learn more.

Ceddit is undoubtedly the programme that reads deleted comments the fastest. Nonetheless, Wayback Machine will undoubtedly be able to assist if it fails. Additionally, if used properly, ReSavr and Un-Delete reddit comments can also be useful in a variety of circumstances.

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