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The manufacturing and art industries have seen a major shift thanks to 3D printers. Modern 3D printer technology makes it quite simple to possess one, even in your home or workplace.

Also, as many 3D model websites take on this work, you don’t need to be an AutoCAD engineer to develop a 3D model for your needs.

Thus, here are 50 of the greatest places to obtain 3D models for free, whether you want to make 3D furniture, a mechanical component, or even figurines of people or animals. Look at this.

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Pikbest provides tens of thousands of 3D models that are arranged in a variety of categories, including wedding, home, kitchen, bathroom, and appliance. After signing up, you can search and download without charge.


Thanks to the largest community of designers, engineers, and students, GrabCAD Community Library offers 2.8+ million drawings and models, including CADs.


Another website offering more than two million three-dimensional models is CGTrader. These models are offered in a variety of file formats, including 3DS, C4D, FBX, MAX, and OBJ.


Many design programmes can use the 100,000+ free 3D models available on Clara.io in formats like Babylon.JS, OBJ, STL, and Three.JS.


There are 81k+ models available on 3dsky.org, which are divided into several categories such kitchen, bathroom, furniture, décor, and appliances.


A free collection of top-notch 3D models with Public Domain licencing can be found at 3DModelsCC0. Models uploaded by the community are also supported.


More than 50,000 three-dimensional designs and models are available on Thingiverse, which claims to be a world of things. These models are organised into collections.


A curated platform including 45k+ 3D models is called MyMiniFactory. Fully tested objects that have been submitted by its global community can be searched for and downloaded.

Autodesk Online Gallery

The platform from Autodesk, Autodesk Online Gallery, hosts around 44 thousand models. You can upload your own 3D models as well.


19k+ three-dimensional models are hosted by Cults. The models are conveniently searchable and neatly organised into categories.


3D models are available from TurboSquid in a variety of formats, including 3DS, C4D, FBX, OBJ, and more. The 18k+ models on the website can be sorted and searched.


More than 9,000 3D models can be found in Free3D, which is organised into a variety of categories including vehicles, electronics, plants, sports, and animals.


Around 9000 architectural models are gathered, hosted, and displayed on ArchibasePlanet.com. These models are arranged in many different categories, such as an armchair, bed, chair, sofa, table, etc.

Archive 3D

Another archive, called Archive 3D, contains 7,000 3D designs organised into different categories including furniture, construction, equipment and appliances, etc.


5k+ three-dimensional models are available for download from CadNav.com in a variety of categories and file types, including 3DS, C4D, IBJ, ZTL, etc.


More than 4,000 designs and models, categorised into interior design, furniture, texturing, and technology, are available at 3Dmili.

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