7 Types of Extra Bold Fonts (With Examples)

Want to use your next design to smack viewers in the face and grab their attention? If so, narrow, polite fonts are probably not going to be effective. Instead, loud, obnoxious fonts that demand attention might work.

These fonts were created with designers who aren’t scared to experiment with traditionalist design trends in mind. Hence, if you feel like you’re willing to take a chance like that, think about employing one of the following extra-bold fonts in your next project.

1. High Contrast

Stroke sizes that never change are a defining characteristic of many extra bold fonts. You can use the amusing typeface we shown above as an example. You’ll see that the stroke sizes of all the letters are identical. Yet, you might not want to choose this.

Choose one of the following high-contrast fonts from the list below if you need a little more font contrast for a forthcoming project. These fonts are quite popular because of their strokes, which range from very thick to ultra-thin. This is due to the fact that they not only have an impact visually but also exude an air of elegance and refinement. Taking a chance doesn’t preclude you from doing it stylishly!

Fonts suggestions:

The New Wave

A Bodoni XT

2. Bold and Compact

Very bold typefaces have the drawback of taking up a lot of room. One of the following bold and compact options can be the ideal solution if you’re working on a small-scale design project but still want to make a statement with bold fonts.

They provide the best of both worlds by being particularly bold while taking up less room. Although the strokes in the sample below are condensed, you can still squeeze it into narrow spaces because they are still very dark and have impact. Just be careful not to overdo it since if you do, it could make your room appear crowded and cluttered.

Condensed fonts also make it more difficult for most individuals to read pages of bold text because reading pages of bold font by itself is taxing on the eyes. The likelihood is that if you go too far, they’ll pass right over anything crucial.

Fonts suggestions:





3. Vintage

At times, vintage and bold are simply preferable. With these fonts, at least, that is the underlying premise. Choose one of the following fonts to convey a retro vibe for an effective result. They work well for adding “emotion” to designs.

For instance, the “horror” vibe certain vintage movie posters frequently convey. A museum advertisement can have a sleek, aesthetic feel. Vintage typefaces are without a doubt a fantastic way to add a little “old school” to any project at any time.

Fonts suggestions:


Sweet Inc


4. Playful

Very bold typefaces are frequently noisy, but they don’t have to be offensive or even elegant, refined, or classic. They occasionally just want to have fun! Choose one of the following playful strong fonts if you want to keep a playful vibe in your work. These typefaces are excellent choices for projects that are more laid back or geared towards kids.

They have a slight resemblance to sesame street murals and gingerbread biscuits. These fonts are also employed in advertising aimed towards children and teenagers as well as the packaging of many of today’s top products.

Fonts suggestions:




5. Heavy and Sans Serif

The fonts used below are bold, dark, and contemporary. They are also excellent for producing an overt impact. When you want to leave a lasting impression with a contemporary sans serif style, use one of these possibilities. A sans serif font (a font without feet) and a serif font (a font with feet) can also be used together to add some variety.

Mixing and matching typefaces might be a little risky, and the outcome might come off as amateurish, so try it out a little and always obtain a second opinion before publishing any project designs.

Fonts suggestions:


Basti Neue

Black Boxx Boris

6. Serif Bold

You might not want to go the sans serif approach. For those traditionalists who enjoy a good serif font, here are some possibilities. For your upcoming project, the mix of strong lines and sophisticated serif detailing can be a fantastic choice.

Recall that serif fonts have “feet” (or the small details at the base of each letter that stretches out somewhat) and that they can occasionally be paired with closely related sans serif fonts for an amazing effect, often having a “old-fashioned” feel.

Fonts suggestions:




7. The Boldest of Bold

You must be ready for the effects of these extra-bold fonts before continuing. They are the most striking of all striking, the darkest of all dark, and should be used with extreme caution. Choose one of these most audacious choices for your next project to make the ultimate personality statement.

The drawback is that these fonts should only be used extremely occasionally. They occasionally can be difficult to see clearly or easily, and using too much of a good thing can spoil the appearance you’re going for. So enjoy yourself, but use caution while employing the boldest of the bold. DJs frequently use fonts like this to announce where their next gig will be and to urge people to come in and watch them mix. These fonts are frequently used for CD covers as well!

Fonts suggestions:

Perspective New

Large Head



While particularly bold fonts aren t suited for all designs, they are sometimes just what your projects demand. Try out various font combinations, such as matching an extremely bold with an extremely narrow one for awesome effects. Yet, you must be ready for the effects of employing extra bold fonts, such as bolder assertions and increased risk taking.

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