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There are various methods for calculating the sum of values in an Excel column of numbers. Here’s an Excel tutorial on how to sum a column.

One of the world’s most widely used spreadsheet programmes is Excel. It can be used for everything from inventory tracking to bookkeeping. Nevertheless, when you first start out, even something as straightforward as understanding how to add a column in Excel might seem pretty difficult.

It is all too easy to get a little overwhelmed with the vast array of options available. For example, there are various methods in Excel for checking the total of a column of values.

If you’re unsure, check out these Excel tips for the top ways to sum a column.

You may easily examine the total of a column or any range of cells using the Excel status bar if you only need to know the sum of a column without adding that information to your spreadsheet.

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The Excel status bar can be used to view a column’s sum as follows:

11. Toxicwap

In many circumstances, employing the AutoSum tool makes it easiest to add the total of a column to your spreadsheet. The range of values will be picked for you automatically.

However, there are some circumstances when the range it selects might not be accurate, such as when there are both text and number entries, and you’ll need to manually correct it.


To use AutoSum to sum a column:

9. Naijavibes

The AutoSum method will only select the values below the last text value in your column if your data contains both values and text, as was already explained.

8. Naijapals

To manually set your own range and guarantee that you sum all of the numbers in your column, use the SUM function in a formula.

7. Justnaija

The SUM function can be used to add columns:


Highlighting a big number of cells can take a long time if you’re working with a lot of data. A name can, however, be assigned to a particular set of data. Instead of having to choose all of the data each time, you can then use this range’s name in your formulae.

5. Jambaze

Using a named range, add a column:

The SUM method is of little value if you’re working with filtered data. This is so that SUM may still calculate the sum of all values, visible and hidden, even if you filter your data to only display specific values.


You must use theSUBTOTALfunction to calculate the total of only those values that your filter returned.


Excel’s SUBTOTAL function can be used to add a filtered column:

2. MultiLoaded

You can transform your data into an Excel Table even though all spreadsheet data is naturally tabular. With Excel Tables, you may easily alter the look of your tables, and you can use them as direct references in calculations.


To swiftly add up a column of data, you can also use the Table Design tools.

A column’s total in an Excel table:


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