Unusual Computer Mice You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

While you are clicking and navigating up and down while reading this, a mouse is unquestionably one of the necessary instruments. This was 100% true 20 years ago, maybe 80% true 5 years ago, and definitely less than 50% true today if you use a computer, which is a given. The role is being replaced by gadgets like trackpads and touch-sensitive instruments, which is the cause. Designers will likely continue to utilise mice, though, as they are a more productive tool when using programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

While they are still on the verge of extinction, the mice featured in today’s post are some of the most odd, inventive, and humorous mice ever produced! Whole list is available after the jump.

20 Weird And Unusual USB Products

20 Weird And Unusual USB Products

Your computer’s USB connection can be used for more than just attaching USB flash drives and USB data cables.

Gold Brain Computer Mouse

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Aircraft Computer Mouse with LED Lights

This flashy brainy mouse is ideal for geeks who don’t mind toying with jazzy things as well. Perhaps using the brain mouse can give you some inspiration.

Wireless Mouse Camaro Black

The aviation mouse is available for everyone who like future ideas or who is a fan of Star Wars. Two buttons, a scroll wheel, and red and blue LED lights are included on the mouse, which is available in black or white.

The man s body mouse

Computer enthusiasts who love vehicles would enjoy Road Mice. These replica cars that operate as fully-functional computer mice are a hit with car fans. The Road Mouse has a glossy appearance, realistic details, and functional LED headlights.

Optical Ferrari Car Mouse

a contemporary optical mouse that resembles a human body. Although some women might use them, I don’t think guys will utilise a mouse like that.

Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mice

All racing enthusiasts will like the realistic 3D optical mouse that resembles a real Ferrari sports car. Car running lights with LEDs look stylish.

Optical Mouse Skype Hands-free PC Speakerphone

The futuristic curves and form of the mouse may not be comfortable, but they will fit in every gaming room.

Eclipse touchmouse

The Skype Mouses that have all the fascinating capabilities are ideal for personal use and making great gifts because they come with professional suitable earpiece to secure your privacy.

Portable Finger Hand Held 4D Usb Mini Trackball Mouse

The eclipse touchmouse has a comprehensive feature set and simplified ergonomics in addition to its brushed-aluminum design. The touchmouse offers both style and quality, and is designed for usage at home, at work, or while travelling.

Golf 3D USB Optical Computer Mouse

Searching for a mouse with a little something different? Perhaps you’d like Brando’s newest mouse. Fingers can easily control buttons and the two dimensions. (source)

Wowpen Joy Vertical computer Mouse

If golf is your favourite game, this mouse is for you. However, just use it at home; do not confuse a computer mouse for a real ball or bring it to the game.

Creative golf mouse

Right and left hand use is ergonomically suited for computers with Bluetooth capabilities. There is no need for a separate receiver dongle because this ambidextrous, tiny Bluetooth desktop mouse is exclusively intended to function with Bluetooth-enabled computers. (source)

Handshoe Mouse

Another golf mouse is available, but this one comes with a Computer mouse that is covered in holes and will beautify your office.

The Razer Naga Mous


Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse

HandshoeMouse, often known as The Horse, uses the 800 dpi optical standard and essentially eliminates the issue of muscle tiredness that business and creative people face. Hippus compared the HandshoeMouse measurements to a conventional computer mouse electromyogram.

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