10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android

The Android market is flooded with applications that solve problems you face on a daily basis and let you do a lot with only one device. There are some pretty cool spy or surveillance applications in the incredible versatility of these apps that give you a lot of security in many situations.

The best and most cost-free spy (or security) apps for Android are highlighted in this post. There are several free and practical technologies available, ranging from fast background video recorders to home surveillance apps. These are the top 10 free spy apps for Android without further ado.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps

When your child receives their own smartphone, there’s a potential they could get into some trouble.

1. uMobix Android Tracker

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A tracking tool called uMobix enables you to keep tabs on activity on any Android smartphone. To monitor your child’s activity covertly, you can set up an account on the app’s website and download the programme to their phone.

2. Hidden Camera

You can view all statistics for images, call logs, social media usage, websites and apps, as well as geolocation, on an easy-to-use dashboard. Nevertheless, there is no free version, therefore you must purchase one of their membership packages based on your device.

You’ll adore the Hidden Camera software if you’re worried about your privacy being invaded by a spy camera or microphone. It is a fun and entertaining tool that helps you preserve your privacy by letting you know if there are any concealed cameras or bugging devices nearby.

3. Alfred Baby & Pet Monitor CCTV

The app operates in a very straightforward manner. The software will analyse the magnetic activity and let you know whether there are any hidden spy cameras or microphones nearby if you simply move your Android device close to the suspected location (such as a hotel room, shower head, or changing room mirror). Awesome, huh?

With the help of the adaptable Alfred Baby and Pet Monitor CCTV app, you can keep a watch on your child while they sleep in another room, your pet while you’re at work, or your home and other possessions while you’re away. With just a few clicks, you can quickly turn your smartphone into a home security system using this trusted and free app.

4. Quick Video Recorder

The app’s best features include smart intruder alert, which notifies you as soon as it notices activity, low-light filter, which enables the camera to function in low-light conditions, 24/7 live stream, which is accessible from anywhere, walkie-talkie, which enables you to communicate with your pet or deter thieves, and many more.

Fast Video Recorder does exactly what its name implies—it enables you to begin capturing video as soon as possible. You can start recording immediately by tapping once, anywhere, rather than unlocking the phone, opening the camera app, and then starting the recording. Reporters and journalists who frequently find themselves in circumstances where they must swiftly record videos will find the software to be of particular utility.

5. Presence Video Security Camera

The app offers some other fascinating capabilities in addition to recording quickly. You can, for example, turn on or off the camera’s shutter sound and previews, record continuously even with the screen off, and schedule recording sessions based on your needs.

With Presence, you can transform a spare smartphone into a security camera. It is a smartphone app for video security cameras that allows you to monitor any location with video from anywhere. All you have to do to use the app’s functionality is download it to both cellphones.

6. iRecorder

The app has a lot of helpful features that you’ll find intriguing. There are many features that will help you as a security device, including the ability to remotely switch between front and back cameras and even turn the flash on or off, free cloud video storage for video recordings, disruption alert in-app notifications or via email.

7. Silent Camera

Do you want to secretly and swiftly record videos? Check out the iRecorder app. It is a special programme for capturing videos that enables you to record even while the phone is locked. Among many other useful features, there is a function that allows you to schedule video recording, edit recorded videos, choose an easy storage place, use numerous video resolutions, and integrate Google Drive backup.

The Quiet Camera app is what you need if you want to shoot pictures or record movies without the sound of the camera shutter. It is a free programme that enables you to quickly shoot high-quality pictures without creating any noise.

8. Easy video recorder

There are numerous additional options that improve the operation of your built-in camera in addition to the quiet camera. They comprise a variety of filters, such as auto focus/manual focus, screen selection, white balance, and image sizer. The SD card in your phone holds the photos and videos that were taken.

The Simple Video Recorder is a practical programme that allows you to record videos with only one click in the background (and without having to go to the camera app). Even if your screen is off, you can still record movies continually, and they will all be saved to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

9. Silent Camera Continuous shooting

The volume up/down button, shaking the phone, or even automatically when the app recognises a human face are several ways you can start or stop the video capture. The application supports several languages, different video modes, and has a user-friendly interface.

10. Cell Tracker

With the help of the Silent Camera Continuous Shooting software, you may film videos from your smartphone covertly using a variety of options. It significantly improves your camera’s functioning and gives your otherwise feature-less camera a tonne of new features. Self-timer, backdrop shooting, zoom shooting, auto-focus, and numerous more functions are just a few of its key attributes.

Do you need to find someone? like a delivery person or a sales representative for your company? If you give them a work phone, a cell tracker on it can keep track of their whereabouts, as well as when and where they’ve gone, every half hour.

Bonus: Ear Spy

Via WiFi/GPRS, ell Tracker automatically gathers the device owner’s location. To view a list of the places the target device has visited, tap View Now.

By giving the impression that you are fully engrossed in your music, Ear Spy secretly intensifies the sounds around you by using the microphone on your device and your earbuds.

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