10 Best Mobile Apps to Make Your Own Memes

There are many apps for personal finance available that can assist you in setting up a budget and keeping track of your expenditures. Two well-known examples are Truebill and Mint, and you might be trying to decide which software is best for you.

You may make personalised budgets and keep an eye on your monthly expenditure with Mint and Truebill both. Nonetheless, there are significant price disparities. Moreover, Truebill provides other capabilities like subscription cancellations and a bill negotiating service while Mint nearly exclusively concentrates on budgeting.

We’re comparing Truebill vs. Mint in-depth so you can make the best decision possible.

Founded in 2006, Mint is a free personal finance and budgeting app. One of the most well-liked budgeting apps on the market, the platform was acquired by Intuit in 2009.

10 Popular Memes & The True Stories Behind

10 Popular Memes & The True Stories Behind

You can obtain a complete picture of your money by combining all of your bank accounts under one roof with Mint. Also, it offers great free budgeting tools to assist you in organising and monitoring your monthly spending.

1. Memeto

In 2015, the budgeting and bill-negotiation app Truebill launched. The app’s goal is to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to help users track their expenditure and automatically set aside money each month. Also, Premium members receive benefits like bill negotiation through the concierge staff, which could lower regular expenses like phone and cable bills.

Truebill claims that its 3.4 million+ consumers have saved more than $245 million. Also, it assisted these members in having almost $155 million in unused subscription costs refunded.

Key features
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  • Unlimited meme creation.

2. Mematic

Whereas Truebill is a personal finance software containing budgeting, credit reporting, and bill negotiating tools, Mint is just a budgeting app.

This means that while Truebill has more capabilities overall, Mint is more complete for setting up unique budgets and managing your spending.

Key features
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3. Meme Creator

The features that these two apps have in common as well as their differences will be compared in our Truebill vs. Mint comparison.

Budgeting options are available in both Mint and Truebill, but Mint places more of an emphasis on actually helping you construct a budget than Truebill does.

Key features
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4. Meme Faces

In order for Mint to obtain all of your transactions and account data, you must first sync your bank account with the app. Transactions are then automatically categorised into several groups, such as entertainment, rent, and food. To further refine your budget, you can add new categories and change any incorrect figures that were automatically allocated.

It’s convenient that Mint’s app provides a comprehensive overview of your monthly budget, including how much you’ve spent and how much money is still left over. In order to determine if you are living within your means or not, it also allows you to break down your expenditure by category.

Key features
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  • Get access to all memes from various categories.
  • Share images through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

5. Meme Generator

Truebill’s budgeting process is comparable to Mint’s. The software automatically groups your spending into several categories after you connect your bank account. Also, it shows past spending trends so you can see if you’re overspending in a certain category. To help prevent monthly overspending on several categories, the programme also calculates spending allowances.

Overall, Truebill and Mint provide comparable budgeting tools. But keep in mind that Truebill is primarily a mobile application and has a somewhat minimal PC version. On the other hand, Mint functions the same on both your PC and phone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, in contrast to Mint, Truebill’s free version does not permit you to create an unlimited number of budgets or unique budget categories.

Key features
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  • Meme Generator is free to use and enables you to make as many memes as you want.

6. Easy Meme Maker

Mint and Truebill allow you to set individual savings goals in addition to making an overall budget, in addition to budgeting.

The goal system in Mint is fairly straightforward. You set goals, such as paying off debt or saving for a vacation, and then keep track of your progress. You can either leave goals unassigned or allocate them to other accounts, such as a high-yield savings account that is connected.

Key features
  • Create instant memes to share with friends using the app.
  • Add multiple captions on images.
  • Share created memes through email or social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.

7. Memasik

Truebill, in comparison, employs a more specific strategy to assist you in achieving various financial objectives. Your monthly income, the amount of bills you’ve paid, your present spending, and the overall amount of discretionary spending you still have available are all broken down by the spending insights feature.

Key features
  • No ads while creating memes.
  • Post created memes on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Add multiple captions on meme images.
  • Get access to all memes from various categories.

8. ZomboDroid s Meme Generator Free

There are three different sorts of goals that premium customers can create in their Smart Savings accounts:

Key features
  • Create text-based memes using this app with a single tap.
  • Customize with different fonts & colors.
  • Share generated memes through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., or send them via email and SMS as per needs.

9. PhotoDirector

It’s convenient that Truebill offers two options for financing your new objectives. Use Smart Savings, which uses AI to move modest sums of money from your checking account to your Smart Savings account when it makes sense, as your initial option. Truebill doesn’t transfer more than you can afford to save to prevent overdraft fees, comparable to microsavings applications like Digit. Alternately, you can set up bespoke transfers as the second funding strategy.

Key features
  • Browse through the app to check out the latest memes.
  • Use pre-made templates to customize your meme.
  • No watermark.

10. Memedroid

You may obtain free credit score reports from Mint thanks to its relationship with TransUnion. Also, you receive free monitoring, and Mint notifies you anytime TransUnion obtains new credit data.

Premium Truebill users also get credit reports and real-time alerts for changes impacting your credit score. But we prefer Mint over Truebill forcredit reporting and monitoringsince it’s free.

Key features
  • Create new memes or use the ones that are trending on social sites.
  • Choose from a wide range of templates.
  • Crop & add images from the gallery, camera, or video recorder.
  • Add stickers and customize backgrounds.
  • Save images in phone storage or share directly to social networking sites.

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