10 Best Web Highlighters for Desktop

Have you ever highlighted any websites? By automatically copying and pasting pertinent text you’ve found online, saving good articles in your directory, and underlining key passages in articles so you can remember them later, it helps us increase our productivity.

I’ll introduce you to 10 practical web highlighters for the desktop in this article. Each of these tools has unique features, which you can read about in the sections below.

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1. Glasp

Glasp is a social web highlighter that enables you to draw attention to your favourite passages, important sentences, and other phrases in any online articles you come across. How then can Glasp assist you? Glasp is the best for everyone, whether you’re a learner, educator, researcher, or just someone who enjoys browsing the web.

You can even add your own notes in accordance with it and use it to help you store articles you think are crucial and necessary for your subject. The best part is that each article will save all of your highlights collectively, making it convenient and simple for you to keep track of what you’ve read. To further categorise your saved articles, you can add your preferred tags.

Its social component is one of its best qualities. Glasp enables you to share your bookmarked articles with others who share your interests. This implies that everything you emphasise in an article will be available to the public and everyone.

As a result, it better describes this feature where you may share your views with others, find comparable hobbies, and study many and varied topics. You may leave a lasting legacy with Glasp for both the present and upcoming generations.

2. Hypothes.is

a highlighter plugin that enables annotation, integration, and interaction. You can opt to keep your annotation privately or openly in public annotations, allowing others to see your thoughts and insights and vice versa. You can annotate good reads for such specific texts, phrases, words, or sentences and then highlight them.

Also, you can interact with other people via this. This is why you may join groups, exchange and interact with like-minded individuals about your thoughts, and comment to others’ highlighted works using your annotations!

The goal of Hypothesis is to facilitate dialogue regarding knowledge throughout the world.

The best thing we can give to others and maintain for ourselves is knowledge, in fact.

3. Weava

This is undoubtedly a public platform where you may meet new people, learn about intriguing subjects, and keep your notes to create a community of insightful people.

Do you currently have a research article in progress? Weava will then be your ideal partner. Weava is an add-on for Google Chrome that enables you to highlight, mostly PDF files.

It is an addition for your research and study workspace that offers tools for underlining, organising, and taking notes quickly. It also enables you to organise experiments or investigative studies into folders that you may specify and change. Weava’s features will undoubtedly make things simpler for you, even if you are currently scrambling to finish your thesis paper.

4. Liner

Weava can also give you many citation styles in accordance with the files you’ve assembled in whichever format you may require, such as Chicago Style, MLA, Harvard Style, or APA. Use Weava to remain productive and to centralise the organisation of your study files.

You can highlight specific web pages and segments of YouTube videos using the highlighter tool known as Liner. On Google’s search result page, it is referred as as a search helper feature that displays the number of individuals highlighted next to a particular piece of web content.

Liner is here to help; instead of manually looking through your history, simply highlight any of the Google previews and article extracts you see, and then you can easily access them using this extension. When you need to go back to previous searches or websites you’ve visited in Google, but you can’t seem to find them, Liner is here to help.

With Liner, you may highlight online content the same way you do with real books and notebooks. In addition to reading articles online, you can also highlight PDF files, which is especially useful for people who continuously undertake extensive research.

5. Diigo

With no restrictions, you may gather all of your ideas into one place, add comments, insights, and notes, then gather and manage your saved highlights however you like.

Diigo is a social platform and web bookmark organiser that enables users to increase reading enjoyment, productivity, and efficiency. This is a tool whose main purpose is to assist you in creating your very own customised catalogues.

Its functions as a highlighter and bookmarker are combined into one, allowing you to gather your go-to websites and articles, annotate recommended readings, organise, and share links with your friends, classmates, and family that you can conveniently access whenever and wherever you are!

Also, it enables you to easily bookmark websites that you might want to access with just one click. You can use outliner to structure online studies or research you have found by using Diigo’s automated streamlining or you can design it yourself. Classify your tags, attach sticky notes for convenient note-taking, and mark your thoughts.

6. Matter

The nicest part about Diigo is that your bookmarks will endure and remain in your library forever—or at least its contents—regardless of whether an article, PDF file, or other resource is deleted from any of the websites you’re utilising. You will therefore always have access to your favourite collection of articles thanks to Diigo.

Matter initially released a mobile app for newsletter curating with a highlighter, but more recently, they unveiled a Chrome plugin for the desktop. It allows you to mark sentences and read web articles in Reader View mode without any advertising. A web article’s link can also be added to the queue, or read-it-later list.

You may connect with other readers, view highlights from other readers, and learn from them on their mobile app. Also, they have a discovery feature that makes it easy to identify quality material and store it by just swiping to the right. Also, the mobile app allows you to read articles that you have saved on the desktop.

7. Roam Highlighter

Now, Matter is a mobile-only app, but as they add capabilities for the desktop, we will be able to see more helpful features that more easily connect mobile and desktop and that aid in finding relevant articles and perspectives from other people.

A web browser add-on called Roam Highlighter is designed to make it easier for you to highlight, pick out, and copy online text. You can easily paste highlighted sentences on Roam with only one click, even though your highlighted texts are not instantaneously included to the page.

Also, it extracts the content so that you can put it in the format that best matches your workflow on other note-taking apps like Obsidian, Logseq, or Notion.

8. Marker.io

With the help of this Chrome Extension, you can take notes in a simpler and more natural way. Even better, you can mix the highlighted lines, paragraphs, or phrases from several sections at once.

When reading or rereading an article, you may quickly and visibly highlight specific sentences using a yellow pen on Marker.io to help you find them. It is a Chrome add-on that comes in handy when reading lengthy online documents, articles, or websites.

When you highlight an article using Marker.io, it creates a link for each one and lets you share it with others. Also, people may see the phrases you highlighted. So, Marker.io is the perfect option if you want to highlight key ideas or parts of an article that speak to you.

9. Pocket

The main drawback is that Marker.to prohibits you from adding notes when highlighting. Yet Marker.io will continue to be used due to its straightforward and obvious use case.

The bookmarking and highlighting application Pocket was once known as Read It Later. Any online information, including articles, movies, Documents, and other files, can be saved. Although it is comparable to the browser’s built-in bookmarking tool, they offer a wider range of options.

You can also use it to build your own personal digital library. Where you can compile all of your favourite articles, lengthy web reads, or other online items that piqued your interest. Collect, highlight, organise, save, and compile them all.

Although Pocket allows you to highlight, you are only able to do so up to three times per piece of content; to get limitless highlights, you must upgrade to premium.

10. Scrible

You can arrange your collections in your digital library in a suitable manner and personalise the look. As a result, you can alter your text size and style, as well as modify your reading font to something fancy or contemporary. Also, you may categorise your information using tags, making it easier for you to locate stored content.

Your highlighter is working with Scrible! This web highlighter will come in handy when you come across articles or websites that pique your interest. With Scrible’s highlight feature, you can currently preserve and easily store significant words, famous phrases, quotable quotations, and even entire sentences!

You can save websites for later reading, annotate various studies, compile your contents into a library, add comments, and share them with others online, making it ideal for both students and educators.

The fact that Scrible and Google are integrated is a significant benefit. With the Scrible addon, adding your highlighted content from Scrible to Google Docs while editing is simple. Students and teachers that utilise Google products will find this option to be very helpful.

Bonus: Web Highlights

What are you still holding out for? Add these highlighter extensions to your browser to be more effective and keep exploring the informational universe with our collectively beautiful highlights and priceless insights!

TheWeb’s Top Stories You may highlight text on the internet and access your highlights from anywhere with the aid of a Chrome extension. Any online page or PDF can be highlighted and taken notes on just like books and articles.

Your bookmarks are automatically synced to the web app, where you can discover a lovely list of all of your pages together with their bookmarks.

The superb tagging functionality offered by Web Highlights makes it simple to retrieve information and research you’ve already done. You can also use the search bar to filter for particular pages or look up specific terms.

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