10 Free macOS Tools For Screen Recording

If you’re running the most recent version of macOS, you probably already know about the operating system’s built-in screen recording feature. Unfortunately, for some people, this built-in tool might not function as they would like it to or might not be able to do some planned tasks.

Thus, here are several free apps that can perform quite well for individuals looking for suitable alternatives to Mac’s native screen recording capabilities. Each tool on the list has a unique set of characteristics. Read on to get more specifics about each tool.

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1. VideoSolo Screen Recorder

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High-quality screen recordings can be made with the help of the straightforward yet feature-rich programme VideoSolo Screen Recorder. It offers a clear user interface and quite basic functionality that records all computer screen activity.

In addition to screen recording, the programme allows you to concurrently record camera video, microphone audio, and audio from your computer. It is an excellent tool for making expert video tutorials and filming gaming videos because of this functionality.

One-click screen capture during screen recording, setting the recording region, exporting to several formats, mouse tracking, shortcut controls, and many more are just a few of the unique features of the VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

2. FonePaw Screen Recorder

Installing Mac VideoSolo Screen Recorder

You may quickly record your Mac’s screen while simultaneously recording the system sound and your voice using FonePaw Screen Recorder. FonePaw Screen Recorder offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for you to comprehend how the software works, in contrast to other screen recording applications that have convoluted configurations.

Because of its real-time drawing capability, your screen capture technique is flexible and practical. You can quickly add text messages, highlight with shapes and arrows, and draw on the screen when you’re recording desktop activities on a Mac. A screencast video that is far more interesting is made possible by all these drawing tools.

Moreover, you can record gameplay using your camera with this software. Before beginning the recording session, you have the option of customising the recording area, output format, and output quality.

3. VideoProc Converter s Screen Recorder

Get the Mac version of FonePaw Screen Recorder.

You can use a variety of functions in the screen recorder included with VideoProc Converter to record your screen. You may record in SD/HD resolution, store your films in a variety of formats, and do all of it quickly with the help of its GPU hardware acceleration feature.

You may use a lot of other features in this app. For instance, recording with system sound and a microphone, sketching and annotating in real time on the video, and capturing the entire or a portion of the screen depending on your needs.

4. MacX Video Converter Pro

Install Mac VideoProc Screen Recorder.

A flexible tool for downloading, converting, editing, and resizing videos is MacX Video Converter Pro. Yet one of its most notable features is the ability to record screen activity. You may capture high-quality films using either the built-in camera on your Mac or an external webcam.

You can record game play or video calls with MacX Video Converter and produce webinar, video streaming, or screen recordings. The created videos are kept in.mov format, but you can always convert them using the same application to any other format of your choice.

5. Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate

Install MacX Video Converter Professional.

A fantastic Mac screen recorder is Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate. You have the freedom to choose what you record because it may pause and resume recording.

The application allows you to record audio from a microphone and sync it with a screencast. This app records the screen, system audio, microphone, and webcam at the same time. It is compatible with the most recent version of macOS.

Also, it has a collection of video effects to give your videos a distinctive look. You may record in SD/HD quality, save the video in many formats, and do it all very quickly with its GPU hardware acceleration. There are other other features available in this application as well. For instance, you can comment videos as they’re being recorded, record with system sound and a microphone, and record the entire screen or just a portion of it as necessary.

6. EaseUS RecExperts

For Mac, get Eassiy Screen Recorder Ultimate.

A Mac screen recorder called EaseUS RecExperts may record any area of the computer’s screen together with audio (internal sound and the microphone) or a camera.

The programme can capture screen activities without lagging, including Zoom meetings, webinars, tutorial videos, presentations, and gameplay.

With an incorporated video editor, it also enables editing of recorded video and audio data. A bonus feature is the ability to extract audio from videos, add intros and outros, schedule recordings, auto-stop recordings, and create animated GIFs.

The following file extensions are supported by EaseUS RecExperts for exporting recorded files:.mp4,.mov,.avi,.flv,.mkv,.mp3,.aac,.wav,.ogg, and.wma.

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Get EaseUS RecExperts for Mac now.

This freeware enables you to record your screen while also capturing your microphone input and system sound. You can select whether to record the entire screen, a specified area, or exclusively utilising your web camera by simply pressing the record button. The recordings contain several other characteristics that make up for the fact that they are only allowed to last for 3 minutes per video, including the watermark.

Direct conversion of your videos into avi, mkv, wmv, asf, or 3gp is possible utilising the software converter tool. Moreover, you can design a task plan to automatically start recording at a specific day and time.

8. Monosnap

Apowersoft Screen Recorder for Mac can be downloaded.

Screen capture software like Monosnap is comparable to Droplr, which was originally free, or maybe even better. Better because Monosnap is free, unlike Droplr, and offers capabilities like built-in picture editing, the opportunity to upload your files to your own server, and finally, screen recording.

Also, it offers the choice of simultaneously turning on your camera, microphone, and system audio before you begin recording. Once you’re finished filming, if you’re logged into your Monosnap account, you can immediately post it and give your friends a link so they can watch it online or download it.

9. Robot Lite

Install Monosnap on your Mac.

You may download this straightforward programme from the Apple App Store. It allows you to choose any area of your screen to be captured, as would be expected. The lite edition of this programme only allows for 200 seconds of video recording.

This app’s benefit is that your video won’t have a watermark on it. Moreover, you can activate the mouse click feature to enable it to recognise every mouse click that occurs and record them.

10. TechSmith Capture

Install Robot Lite on your Computer.

TechSmith Capture (formerly Jing) is a screen capture programme that not only lets you take pictures but also records videos. Simply drag the capture tool to the area you want to record to start recording. You can begin recording after choosing your location.

During recording, Jing gives you the option to use the microphone, allowing you to explain your actions if desired. It is the ideal tool for producing tutorial videos that are up to five minutes long. Unfortunately, even though you can record your voice, your sound system cannot be recorded because it isn’t built to record the audio from the system.

Jing has since been retired, but it is still free and available for download.

Bonus: QuickTime Player

Get TechSmith Capture for Mac now.

Quick Time Player is the standard Mac video player, as you surely already know if you’ve been using a Mac for a time. But did you know that Quick Time Player may also be used for screen recording? Yes, doing so is as simple as launching the player and selecting File>New Screen Recording.

QuickTime Player is by default installed on your macOS. If you have accidentally uninstalled it, go to the Apple Product Page to download again.

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