10 Unique Playing Cards (With Cool Design) For The Collectors

Playing cards have been around for more than 1,100 years, according to Wikipedia. Since then, they have undergone significant modification. Although other deck versions have been produced, the standard deck of cards hasn’t altered much in a while.

That is, at least, what you may assume! Many businesses have produced unique decks, ranging from bizarre to beautiful to practical.

Whether you collect playing cards (or want to start), or if you’re just seeking for the ideal deck, this list might have what you’re looking for.

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This deck has a unique flair and is beautifully made. The name “booty” seems to apply in that it appears to be something you would expect to discover on a sinking pirate ship.

A very inexpensive $7.95 will get you the deck. The accompanying melancholy book lamp is now available for purchase for $149.95. This price sounds a little high, but each book lamp is made by hand and has a hidden compartment that can store two Contraband decks.


The website’s layout is also stunning; seeing the deck in its proper setting enhances its appearance greatly. Get Contraband right away; it’s more than simply a deck of cards.

I seldom ever use alcohol, but I adore the Prohibition set, which consists of six cards that each pay homage to a different alcoholic beverage.

The collection comes in a very slim box and includes Absinthe, Disparos Tequila, Rebellion Rum, Moonshine, White Wolf, and 52Proof Whisky.

Each deck has a lovely and distinctive design. It’s difficult to pick a favourite.

Mystery Box

The lot is available for $125 at ellusionist.com, which is not a bad price given that you get 6 decks plus a gorgeous wood box!

If you’ve seen J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Box Ted Talk, you already know what this deck is about. Mr. Abrams loves secrets, and Bad Robot, his company, sought to convey this love of secrets in a deck of cards. The cards themselves have great visual appeal and are a terrific value at $9.95 each.

What I truly adore is The Lockbox, which you can purchase for $149.95. Although it’s a touch pricy, you can’t help but appreciate the 100-year-old reclaimed wood, iron hardware, letterpress note, and wax seal.

Charity: Water

Another incentive to purchase this attractive deck is that $1 from each deck is contributed to 826 National, a nonprofit organisation devoted to promoting creative writing in classrooms and seminars across the Country.

Although this deck is less eye-catching than the others we’ve seen so far, 100% of all sales revenues benefit a worthwhile cause: providing people in underdeveloped countries with access to clean, safe drinking water. Why not pay an extra $5 per deck if you’re a card collector and already spend hundreds of dollars on cards to support this cause?

Bruce Lee Playing Cards

Although not as showy, I really appreciate the water tank logo’s simplicity and clarity throughout the design. Purchase a deck right away to provide improved drinking water for folks!

When I first started writing this post, I had no idea Bruce Lee would be mentioned. Out of pure curiosity, I looked over this deck, and it turned out to be quite good.

AVES Playing Cards LUX Edition

The cards are the same colour as the legend’s well-known yellow jumpsuit, which, you know, can be a little off-putting when playing cards. Having said that, I appreciate the look and feel of this deck overall, particularly the way the phrases are arranged like a black belt in the ideal homage.


This exquisite deck by Russian artist Karina Eibatova features a remarkable fusion of fine art and birds. When spread out, the back appears a little surreal, but I adore birds and believe the aces are among the greatest I’ve yet seen, especially for clubs. Lux Playing Cards has decks available for $12.

Want to go all out by purchasing playing cards created in conjunction with a web application? The MailChimp playing cards are a terrific option if geek culture is your thing.

I was pleasantly pleased because I had assumed they would be a marketing gimmick with MailChimp’s logo all on them. The gold closure tape has the only real branding that I could see, and it looks really gorgeous.

Black or red packs cost $9.95 each, while a 12-pack brick costs $125. Although I’m not certain I’d want a 12-pack of Mailchimp cards, I would welcome one in black to my collection.

The Design Deck

By purchasing them, you’ll also be helping the Fugees Academy, a non-profit organisation that works with child survivors of conflict and is a part of the Fugees Family.

As I enjoy design a lot (and can’t actually do it myself), this deck appeals to me. Playing cards while studying art-deco, typefaces, and other design principles is fun.

Dan And Dave Variety Box (Winter Ed.)

Each of the 52 cards contains a valuable lesson. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a second colour deck with more cards. Maybe we should teach design in this way? A deck costs $20 and is available through Art Of Play.

One of my favourite decks of cards from Dan and Dave is the variety box, notably the Winter Edition, which was inspired by Yosemite’s fall and winter hues.

Bonus: A few more

You receive 12 decks for $149.95, which works out to $12.50 per deck, plus the awesome-looking box of course.


These are some more playing card layouts that are noteworthy.

The Goonies

You didn’t actually anticipate that any bacon would be involved, correct? I won’t even try to discuss it. Why would you pay $12 to Art Of Play for this? due to bacon. Convinced?

Are you a big fan of The Goonies? You’re in luck because someone wise on Kickstarter believed that this was what the world needed, and it appears that they were correct.

A Deck Of Playing Cards By Pedale Design

Albino Dragon is selling the deck for $14.99. Although I’m not going to buy one right away, if you’re a fan, the artwork is very stunning and well worth the $15!

Distant Early Warning Card Deck

This deck is for people who enjoy pixel-perfect design and is another successful Kickstarter project (financed to 2300%). On their Misc Products Co website, they are selling two decks, one in red and one in black, for $15 each.


The deck was created by award-winning media and communications expert Eric McLuhan, who is also the son of media theorist and scholar Marshall McLuhan. It is offered on Eric McLuhan’s goods page for CAD65. The complete deck is available here.

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