15 Websites to Send Anonymous Emails

Why use an anonymous email service when there are several free and premium-featured email options like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail? Well, our digital rights include the right to privacy and anonymity. Due to the adverts, these email services are free.

Even though they are considered necessary evils, advertisements are typically tailored for the visitor or service user. In order to achieve this, service providers need your data to display adverts that are specifically targeted to you and your user group. The likelihood of your clicking on or following these ads is high.

However, the revelation of the goals of covert agencies and their top-secret internet censorship initiatives (like PRISM) has alarmed proponents of digital privacy. This post will expose you to a variety of methods for sending and receiving anonymous emails if you wish to keep your emails hidden from inquisitive eyes.

The fundamental building block of online anonymity is anonymous email. Although the internet is not a secure medium of storage, you can choose who has access to your data and who does not. If not, sending anonymous emails can help ensure they are not traceable online.


Because it’s impossible to stay anonymous on the internet without disguising your IP address, you should utilise Tor or a VPN service before accessing the services listed below.


To safeguard your identity, Tempr.email enables temporary emails. For computers, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and even your domain, you can use it. During 30 days, your emails will be accessible.

Temp Mail

a free service that offers temporary, anonymous, secure, and disposable email addresses. The emails are deleted after a predetermined amount of time, allowing you to keep vital mail apart from spam, advertisements, and malware.

10 Minute Mail

An email address that expires after 10 minutes is provided by 10MuniteMail (you can extend this time by ten more minutes). It is a fantastic defence against websites that demand your email in order to register.


This 10MinuteMail also makes advantage of the.com as its domain. It also enables you to generate a random email address that you may use for 10 minutes to join up for websites without leaving a trace. In ten minutes, the email address will no longer exist.


You can get the information privacy you need from an anonymous email service with Mailfence. It delivers end-to-end encryption of your emails and does not store any trackers on you.


You can send, receive, forward, or reply to emails with 5ymail’s anonymous email service without revealing who you are. There are numerous choices to customise the format or keep track of your email’s read/unread status.

Encrypted / Anonymous Email Service

Below are a few services that enable anonymous email transmission and reception over the internet. Some are disposable or have self-destruct mechanisms, while others contain encryption features.


Your ephemeral, self-destructing, temporary email account is provided by GuerrillaMail, allowing you to send and receive emails on the internet anonymously. After an hour, mail gets removed. There is no need to provide any personal information; just an email address is needed.

Secure Mail

Your mail is encrypted using a 4096-bit key by this service, rendering it unreadable by anybody except you. Your IP address or personal information are not required in order to register. Also, they have a strict no-tolerance policy for spam.

Send Emails Without Registration

You may occasionally need to send emails without signing up first. You’re not even required to get any feedback. If this describes you, the services listed below basically consist of a form where you may enter the specifics of the email you wish to send. Keep in mind that the receiver has no way of contacting you.


Only a straightforward form to complete with the recipient’s address, email subject, and content is available here (you can also attach a file to the email if necessary). If you want a response, choose to include a reply-to email address; otherwise, sending an anonymous email is your only option.


It provides a straightforward interface for entering the message, subject, and recipient’s email address. It removes the IP address from your mail, making it difficult to identify you. None of your personal information is requested.

W3 Anonymous Remailer

Email anyone in the world anonymously. Only the recipient’s email address, the subject, and the email’s message are required.

Send Anonymous Email

This one has a straightforward interface where you can enter the address of the sender and recipient, the subject, and the message. To send emails with this, no other information is needed. These IP addresses have accounts.

Send Email Message

Only the topic, message, and email address of the recipient need to be entered. Every day, almost 100,000 anonymous emails are sent without charge.


Without disclosing any personal information, you can send emails anonymously.

Receive Emails

Use these email services if you require a disposable email to confirm links and don’t want to deal with the newsletter or other offers they may send you in the future. When mail is sent to that address, accounts are automatically created.


To receive mail, either create an open, public email account or register for a private, password-protected one. The accounts are transient and will be automatically deactivated after a while.


Another temporary, disposable, automated email mailbox service is available here. Give anyone your email alias, and then often check that inbox on the website for new mail.

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