20 Amazing Stuff You Can Make With 3D Printers

Can you print in 3D if you can in 2D? The technology is, in fact, available. Based on a useful template, you can print out three-dimensional things that are functional as well as decorative. These are functional! Manufacturers can offer you a template so you can print a broken piece of machinery, like a screw, rather of having to make an order and wait for a replacement.

As an alternative, you could create a 1:1 scale model duplicate of a costly vehicle, such as a 1960 Aston Martin DB5, and then intentionally destroy it for fun, just like the producers of the James Bond movie Skyfall did.

Layers and layers of strong polymers and metals are fused together to create 3D objects using a template created using 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software. Each layer is made up of liquid, powder, and sheet components and is only around 0.1 mm thick.

If you have the templates, you may use this technology and a 3D printer to design or manufacture 3D versions of just about anything. These are 20 stunning 3D printed works of art to give you an idea of what it is capable of.

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1. A Working Gun

In the past, firearms made with 3D printing would readily crack after a few shots. Nevertheless, nowadays, if you have a 3D printer at home, the non-profit organisation Defense Distributed allows users to obtain the necessary files to create their own guns.

Here is a video showing the firing of one of their inventions in semi- and full-auto settings.

2. 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

The first 3D printed acoustic guitar in history was made by Scott Summi, demonstrating to the rest of us that it is possible.

Guitars may be created using 3D printing in plastic, complete with a metal heel joint and soundhole cover. Besides from building functional musical instruments, guitar enthusiasts can also create 3D replicas of the instruments used by their idols or favourite musicians.

3. Hand-made Camera Lens

A camera lens is difficult to construct, but you can create your own with 3D printing and can even come up with some inventive and unusual results.

The glass on the lens was replaced by acrylic, and the numerous small parts were assembled using additional tools and machines. The lens functions, which is the nicest part! These are a couple photos made with 3D printed lenses.

4. Shakuhachi Flute

This stunning Japanese flute was created using 3D printing and is made of stainless steel. It is available in a variety of finishes, including matte or glossy gold plating and antique bronze (pictured below). If you look closely, the flute’s 9.4-inch length features a little dragon motif.

This lovely musical instrument is available for purchase for $239.95. What does this mean for viewers of fantasy films, do you think?

5. Rigid Heddle Loom

If you enjoy weaving, you could build this sturdy heddle loom using a 3D printer and some unprocessed plastic, with screws holding it all together. This was designed using a 3D modeller tool called openSCAD.

If you could see actual instruments of the trade from a certain era, history class would be far more engaging.

6. 3D Figurines From Children s Drawings

Ever longed to transform a drawing your child made into a sculpture or something else more real? For 99 euros, you can now. Thanks to 3D printing, your child’s vibrant drawing can be transformed into a work of art.

The approximately 4-inch-long item can be utilised as a prize for your child’s artistic abilities as well as a desk or home decoration.

7. 3D Fetus

Your unborn child’s “3D scans” are now taking on a whole new significance. A Japanese business is now offering you a Shape of an Angel, a 3D print of your foetus, for $1275 instead of a photo of your ultrasound. BioTexture-enhanced 3D image processing is used to produce the 3D model.

8. 3D Printed Medical Models

Science needs to be involved in tech in some little way. With 3D printing, doctors would have a cheaper alternative to learn about the human anatomy and also be able to bring realism into surgery practise without the usage of cadavers.

Surgeons can also design an operation using a printed model like this before the actual patient has surgery because the printing of these medical models is so accurate.

9. Electric Light Shoe

This one-meter-long, intricately detailed, and illuminated shoe is not a pair of shoes you can wear. It was made using a 3D printer and featured in an Onitsuka Tiger advertisement. According to the link, you may buy it and keep it in your home as a contemporary sculpture for 5879.83 Euros.

10. iPhone Case & Card Holder

This invention by Janne Kyttanen may appear to be a stylish iPhone 5 case, but it serves purposes beyond that. Moreover, it has two card slots.

Its name, the Mondriaan Case, is a reference to Piet Mondrian, a painter who favoured the use of numerous horizontal and vertical lines in his works. for a……………

11. Gear Wraps

These 3D printable GearWraps can save you the trouble and time of untangling your numerous cables if you prefer to carry your gear about with you and want it to be arranged nicely.

It costs between 10 and 20 euros depending on the colour you select and can be printed in a wide range of hues.

12. Infinite Sisu iPad Stand

The little strong man holding up the iPad on this stand was inspired by a Finnish idea of determination. With a price tag of $161, this item is unquestionably a work of art.

Although it may seem expensive for an excessively ornate smartphone or tablet stand, the cost of any exquisite work of art is high.

13. Customizable 3D Printed Bugdroids

The amazing thing about these 3D printed Android figurines is that they have personalised themes to reflect your individuality. Android aficionados would enjoy an Android miniature to put on their workstations.

If none of the 25 available designs fit your personality, you may make your own Bugdroid for a starting price of $29.99 if you can’t find one that does.

14. Hanging Light

Here is the Palm Lamp from the same individual that made the iPhone 5 case previously. This striking piece of art in various sizes was made by Janne Kyttanen. Utilize it as a standing lamp, table lamp, or ceiling light fixture as part of your design.

15. Kaleidoscope Clock

Here is a two-part, three-dimensionally printed clock that is made up of Part A and Part B. The purple numbers face and the design face behind it make up the two separate faces of the clock.

You can put the two together and get it working quickly with a few simple instructions. The price of the white Kaleidoscope Clock kit is $51, while the price of the black one is $61.

16. 3D Anatomica di Revolutis Sculptural

Joshua Harker, one of the most well-known 3D printing designers, is the author of this work of art. It is printed with polyamide, a material made of laser-fused nylon and glass. For more detailed images of this intriguing and complicated construction, see the website.

17. Coffee Cups

These espresso glasses were made from glazed ceramics. The One Cup a Day project tries to design and produce 30 unique cups in 30 days, even though the printing process takes practically a full day. Their masterpieces can be purchased from this website for a price range of $36 to $77.

19. 3D-Printed Fabrics

Jiri Evenhuise and Janne Kyttanen developed software that uses a person’s body data to immediately generate perfectly fitting garments, eliminating the need for a needle and thread.

Technology of this kind can be recycled, uses less labour, accelerates manufacturing, and reduces carbon emissions, making garment production more environmentally friendly. You may also be certain that the clothing you purchase online will fit you like a glove.

20. 3D Printed Bikini N21

Nylon 12, a resilient, flexible, and waterproof material that is 0.7 mm thin, is used to make this high-tech bikini. The designers said that this made it perfect for swimwear and that being in the water actually made it more comfortable. You may get this futuristic 3D apparel from this store for $200–300.

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