20 Cool Things Google Search Can Do

, and the……………… Google Search is quickly becoming a necessary tool for students, tourists, the curious, and the bored thanks to its easter eggs and practical shortcuts that provide what you need and what you want almost fast.

In this article, we’ll look at 20 practical and entertaining activities you can do directly on Google Search, including unit conversion, game play, word translation, arithmetic calculations and problem solving, setting a timer, checking flight status in real time, and more.

1. Play Atari Breakout (Google Images)

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2. Play Pacman

Enter “Atari Breakout” into Google Images, click the Search button, and then wait for the game to load.

3. Play Zerg Rush

Enter Pacman and click Search. To begin playing the game, click.

4. Input Handwriting for Translation

To play this snarky game, enter “zerg rush” and hit the Search button in Google. Little o’s have seized control of your page, and you must click on them to remove them before they eliminate your search results.

5. How to Pronounce Big Numbers

Did you know that you may manually write the words you want Google Translate to translate? Go to Google Translator, select the pencil icon in the text box’s lower left corner, and manually type the word. When translating from character-based languages, this is advantageous.

6. Use It Like a Calculator

Just enter the large number, an equal sign (=), and the language you wish it to be spoken in to have Google Search teach you how to pronounce it. Only digits up to 13 are supported by this.

7. Solve Geometrical Shapes

In addition to performing straight calculations in the search bar, such as 53, 10+5, 158, 3555, and 10050, you can also compute the results for trigonometric functions.

8. Generate a Graph Right from Google Search

You may use Google to find solutions for geometrical forms including circles, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, ellipses, and more. When you type solution and add a shape, such as solve triangle, and click the search button, a calculator to solve that shape will appear. Depending on your needs, you can solve for area, perimeter, gamma, height, side (a), or side (c). There is a different calculator in every shape.

9. Calculate the Waiter Tip with Google Tip Calculator

Moreover, you may rapidly produce a graph for a mathematical function. Search the graph, for instance, for tan(x), x2, and so forth. The graph is displayed in the search results.

10. Currency Conversion

Use Google’s Tip Calculator to complete the arithmetic if you struggle with math but not tips. To calculate your tip, use the tip calculator, enter the amount of the bill, the tip percentage, and the number of people that contributed to the bill.

11. Conversion of Units for Different Quantities

Although Google Currency Converter allows for currency conversions, if you’d rather do it directly from the Google search box, just type the currencies you want to convert from and into as follows: USD 100 to GBP. The converted amount will appear in the search result.

12. Translation between Languages

In addition to converting between currencies, you may also do it for alternative unit conversions, including from pounds to kilogrammes. Temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption, time, and digital storage are just a few of the nine categories you can convert between.

13. Use Google Timer Right from Search Bar

Do you need a few words or a brief phrase translated quickly? To temporarily convert your search bar into a translator, enter the languages you want to translate from and into. We tried translating French to English in this instance.

14. Get Sunrise & Sunset Timings in Your City

Need a timer? the… and the…. and the… and……. and….. The countdown will begin with Google Timer, and when the timer hits zero, an alarm will sound. The Google timer has a full-screen setting as well.

15. Weather Forecast

You can find the times of sunrise and sunset in your city or even in a foreign city. You may find the precise time by searching for dawn or sunset in the city name as in: sunrise in kuala lumpur or sunset in kuala lumpur.

16. Check Your Flight Status

Are you planning to travel soon? Do you want to know what the weather will be like there? By typing the city name and adding forecast at the end, for example, LA forecast, you may view the weather forecast.

17. Calculate Distance & Time to Reach Destination

a helpful tip for frequent travellers. Give them your flight number so they can check your flight status if someone is picking you up at the airport. e.g. PK304. The terminal and gate where you will arrive are also displayed.

18. Search the Release Date of Your Favorite Movie

Making travel plans? By entering the two destinations and adding the distance at the end, for example, New York to Dallas distance, you may determine how lengthy the trip will be.

19. Search Books by an Author

Learn when your new favourite movie will be showing in theatres close to you. To find out when a movie will be shown, type movie name and the release date, for example, transporter refuelled release date.

20. Move Google Search

Discovered a new writer you like? Enter books by author name, for example, books by John Green, to find all the books the author has written. All of the author’s books will be on display, along with the publication year for each one.


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