20 Websites to Listen and Share Music for Free

Our daily lives now include listening to music. We listen to music while driving, running every day, trying to unwind, or just to stay up with the latest songs by our favourite artists. There are many different methods to listen to music online these days, so if you’re searching for a decent song to listen to while you’re listening to one of your favourite current songs, this is the post for you.

Here are 20 websites where you may stream your preferred music for free and while on the go. The iOS and Android apps that are provided by these music websites are also listed. Although there are premium options, keep in mind that if you choose to go with the free version, you will be subject to advertisements that support the services’ ability to remain free.

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You can listen to music for free on SoundCloud thanks to user-uploaded content. You can browse music by genre, search for artists, songs, bands, tracks, and podcasts, or see what’s hot right now. You can make your own playlists or follow others who have similar musical tastes to you.

How to Customize SoundCloud Audio Player

How to Customize SoundCloud Audio Player

There aren’t many well-known audio streaming services, despite the fact that audio streaming has been available on the Internet since 1990.

Learn more.

Spotify Music

For iOS or Android, download SoundCloud.

One of the most well-known websites for internet music listening is Spotify. You can listen using a desktop manager that you can download from Spotify, a mobile device, or your browser. You may listen to the songs, make playlists, and share your favourite music with friends once you’ve logged in.


Save Spotify Music to your iOS or Android device.

A wonderful website for listening to and downloading your favourite music is last.fm. Based on the musicians you listen to, it will also recommend artists you might enjoy. Spotify and Youtube are some of the sources of the music on Last.fm. You are free to select your preferred source.


Get Last.fm for iOS or Android now.

On the free music streaming website Pandora, you may listen to your favourite music as well as discover new artists you’ll like. Simply enter your favourite song or artist, and Pandora will create a station that sounds like a radio and recommend new music that matches your taste.


For iOS or Android, download Pandora.

Another online radio platform with a large selection of stations and genres to suit your tastes is DashRadio. For future searches, locate any station by genre and add it to your profile. Also, you can tell your friends about your favourite stations on social media.


Get DashRadio for iOS or Android now.

Long form audio content including DJ music sets, podcasts, and radio shows can be found on Mixcloud. It’s a terrific website for endless playlists to play in the background for endless amounts of time. Also, you can make your own playlists here.


For iOS or Android, download Mixcloud.

A free music streaming website is TuneIn. Local and international radio stations are easy to discover there. You can search for radio stations by song, sports, news, or chat genres, and the results will include everything from rock to religious music to business news, among other things.


Install TuneIn on iOS or Android.

Deezer and its rivals, Spotify and Last.fm, are extremely similar. Here, 35 million songs are available for listening, with brief advertisements interspersed. Sign in to select artists you like, and they will suggest genres you might enjoy in return. Also, you can listen to playlists made by other people.


Install Deezer on iOS or Android.


With the vibrant and colourful website Musicovery, you can locate music that suits your present state of mind. A grid-shaped mood chart is present. It will suggest songs based on your mood. To shuffle tracks and remove songs you don’t like, you must register.

LivexLive is a website that mimics a radio station, however unlike Pandora, users are not limited to just listening to radio stations. You may listen to a variety of playlists made by their professionals on Slaker. [Only accessible in the US and Canada]


Get LivexLive for iOS or Android now.


Myspace might seem a little out of place on this list, but they have rebranded as a music and video platform. There is a sizable music collection there.

A fantastic music app and free music streaming website is iHeartRadio. Create your own personalised radio stations that suit your likes while listening to live radio, streaming podcasts, and the news. Also, it contains a sleep timer, which is ideal for those who are soothed to sleep by music.

Incus Tunes

Install Slaker for iOS or Android.


You’ll have immediate, cost-free access to a huge selection of music after registering on Incus Tunes. According to Incus Tunes, they have more music than both Spotify and Napster combined. You can browse public playlists, tracks, and artists.

Gaana is a for-profit music streaming platform that offers free and authorised music. The service, which was introduced in 2011, offered a substantial selection of both English and Bollywood music.


Install Gaana on iOS or Android.

The abbreviation Di.fmis for Digitally Imported. It is an internet radio station with multiple channels that plays just electronic music. The website can be used to identify upcoming performances and radio stations.


Install Di.fm for iOS or Android.

Although Napster is a music streaming service, not everyone should use it. The good news is that its extensive library is well-known. The bad news is that its audio quality only gets good up to 128kbps, which makes it a lousy choice if you’re wearing any kind of high-quality headphones.


Napster is available on Android and iOS.

A excellent site to find and support new artists is Bandcamp. Every day, new music is available for users to enjoy on the site. Here, upcoming musicians can construct a webpage to help market their music to audiences.


On iOS or Android, download Bandcamp.

Being the biggest worldwide music community in the world, Grooveshark is a terrific way to discover new music, make playlists, meet other music enthusiasts, and share music online.

Also, you may check out what other people think about the music you enjoy. Mobile apps for iPhone (only when jailbroken), Android, BlackBerry, and other platforms are available so you can listen to and share music on your smartphone.


On Android, get Grooveshark.

A excellent way to listen to free music and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and more is the self-described Internet radio made social.

You can add your own tracks and gain access to millions of free songs and films.


In order for your blips to be automatically shared on your preferred social media platforms, you must connect your services in the settings.

By using this free online music player, you can find new songs by musicians you enjoy. Similar to Pandora, Jango suggests songs and artists that are close to your preferences. You can also personalise your stations by adding new musicians and rating songs.

Music can be sent by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Install Jango on iOS or Android.

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