24 Creative Family Portraits Ideas For Your Inspiration

The memories of our family are the ones we never learn to let go of out of all the memories we all hold onto. They are the individuals that have been by your side through all of your bumps and scrapes, struggles, and victories. But, there comes a time when we must be independent, stand on our own two feet, and leave the nest, whether it is for school, job, or to start a family.

Why not create a fantastic family portrait before you go? It will serve as a constant reminder of your love for them.

The typical family portrait is probably adequate, but you should definitely do something unusual, something that will make people smile when they see it, or even something that Nana will be delighted to display to her bingo mates.

We have compiled 24 amazing family portraits taken by intriguing photographers to serve as inspiration for creating truly unique family photos. You’ll likely like this essay as much as I did writing it if you’re the kind of person who never says no to relatives.

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Bold Family Portrait

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This family photo is just too cool. Prepare yourself because your friends and family will soon ask for the name of your photo studio.

Bri, Joel & Indy

Sources: Becki Peckham, Matt Power, and Chris Nicholas

I’m astounded at how dramatically an impression can change by simply holding the photo frame in an unconventional manner, and Kevin N. Murphy accomplished the notion beautifully.

Coming Soon

Kevin N. Murphy as a source

Do you want to take a family photo while the blessed child is still in the womb? It will do to cleverly combine a vector form with lively lettering!

Composite Family Portrait


Erick Christian did a magic trick! Every time someone sees this portrait, they will enquire about how it was created.


Photographs by Erik Christian, sr.

The word “family” encapsulates what is most valuable in the world.

Family Dog

Source: Photos by Marianne Wiest

This is a cute approach to include the household pet in the photo. Everyone finds it humorous, I suppose, with the exception of dad.

Family Gallery

Journal Seijdel,

I adore this Inception-inspired trick of a father holding a portrait of a mother holding a portrait of a daughter!

Family of Dark Side

Jaroslav Francisko is the source.

Be less dull by adding iconic masks to common positions. Never has the Dark Side been so inviting.

Family Ties

the website Kessler Fotos

You just want to look at this image and reflect on how very lovely this concept is. The family must take pictures of it!

Happy Father s Day

Photographs by Beco G.

A little off-topic, but this is a great option for fathers who have a lot of angels in the house (at least until they turn 16). Kiss assault!

Happy Feet


A wonderful family and their feet will do just fine for the portrait instead of clear faces.



You, inside of you, have your family?

Inside Barber Shop

Ilyas Guertili is the source

Sync the rises, then exit the studio! This family truly rocked the barber shop with this kind of atmosphere.


Author: Dave Brosha

Larger-than-life portraits can be found as well as lighter-than-life ones. Before he takes off, seize the child!

Mommy, Daddy, Me and Little Sister

Ansarov Studios, the source

Hugs and kisses to the entire family.

My Family and I

Author: WNCY

They all undoubtedly resemble one another, and the evolution highlights this.

Our Family Portrait

Martin Bennett, cited

Keep in mind to bring your camera along for the family portrait as well; for the majority of us, cameras are like sons to us! I like the scene and the concept that Capa12 captured in this picture.

Parallel World


Ever consider combining two original family photographs into one? Roberta Taylor did it in a novel way, and she did it really successfully.

Shadow Family

Robert Taylor is the source.

The reflection of your family photo can be created with the help of strategically placed sandals, a puddle of water, and the proper amount of light.

Super Family

Photographed by FLIGRAFIE

My family and I are in the air above Portugal:)

2 + 2 = 4


When paired with this family portrait, Math has never looked more beautiful.

The Combs Family


This is the most enjoyable moment you can capture in a photograph if you can hug your kids close!

The Bale Family s Christmas

Kelsey J. Gibbs Photography, a source

To create this epic family portrait, you’ll need an epic family and an epic dog.

Zombie Baby

Ho Hum Cards as Source

Before you snap any family pictures, make sure everyone is indeed a human. Good feedback for the facial reactions!


Twisted Label Photography, a source

Artistic family photos require more preparation time than traditional ones, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how the finished product will make you feel good whenever you look at it. In some cases, it even acts as a catalyst to help you mend whatever broken bonds you may have with your family.

Here’s a sincere thank you to all the photographers that devote so much of their time to capture and show the inspirational power of a family image.

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