25 Highly Addictive Facebook Games

We all know what Facebook is and one of the reasons that make it such a blast today is due to its addictive mini-games. Facebook offers a good web-based platform, powerful APIs and a thorough documentation that convenient the developers in constructing personalised applications.

Mini games in Facebook is certainly entertaining to play but the primary reason that makes it so addictive isbecause the players are connected to thousands of other Facebook users who are also playing the games. In another word, multi-player gaming with pals elevates it to a whole new level of excitement. What may be more entertaining than enjoying free games and at the same time extend your friend list? Here we have compiled the25 incredibly addictive Facebook games. We definitely hope you have fun and meet plenty of new friends!

Just make sure you hit ALT-TAB when your boss is near.


FarmVille is a flash game containing landscapes and beautiful characters. It is incredibly inventive and comes with an appealing and engaging interface.

Word Challenge

Developed by Playfish, this games is designed to test both your vocabulary and your thinking speed. You are giving 6 random characters, and you have to build a 3-6 letter word within restricted time.

Texas Holdem Poker

It is another game by Zynga and it too is a very popular mini game on Facebook.

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a Facebook game which is all about Mafia construction. You can play this game with your Facebook friends.

Happy Aquarium

Known as the largest fish game on Facebook, Happy Aquarium. This game is very well-liked because of its more than 28 million players.

Pet Society

You can develop and raise your own virtual pet in this fascinating game. These animals are more human-like in that they can go shopping or fishing.

Zoo World

In the fascinating game Zoo World, you may create a zoo and watch it expand. You can make a lot of money and better the zoo if you have more neighbours.

Restaurant City

You’ll need to furnish a restaurant for Restaurant City before managing it. You must ensure that all of the clients that enter the restaurant are happy and leave satisfied.

Social City

One can build homes and increase population in this game. You can construct leisure facilities and maintain their happiness. You can also choose to establish factories, and by creating things, you can gain game currency.


Facebook users may work, play, and communicate in an animated world in this fantastic 2D game. Virtually, one can furnish his house or get a pet.

Happy Island

Players must construct their own vacation island in order to play this game there. He is permitted to create and embellish the attractions in order to make money.

Bejeweled Blitz

Everyone can play this standard puzzle game on his home PC because Pop Cap created it for Facebook.

Country Life

Country Life is a different kind of agricultural game entirely from Farm Ville. A player can gather crops in this area to sell them.

Farm Town

Here, while harvesting the field, the player gains experience points. He can use these points to unlock plants and animals, among other things, that he desires to buy.

Happy pets

The focus of this game is on pet care. Here, the player must treat his pets like real ones by feeding, caring for, and playing with them.

Island Paradise

Meteor Games created this Facebook game. The player begins the game on a desolate island where he must cultivate crops, hunt for treasure, and interact with his neighbours.

Cafe World

Zynga’s famous restaurant-themed Facebook game, Cafe World, requires players to manage a restaurant with their close friends.

Treasure Isle

Treasure Isle is the right game for you if you enjoy adventure! By selecting a character in the game, you can go on a treasure hunt in this activity.

Pet Ville

In the Facebook game Pet Ville, players may design their own characters, name their pets, and give them a place to live. Zynga also developed the game.

Fish Ville

Zynga’s Fishville is yet another intriguing aquarium game for Facebook. Several species of fish can be raised in a virtual fish tank in accordance with the game’s regulations.

MindJolt Games

It’s not only a game; there’s also a library that keeps expanding. Playing this game is a great way to spend the time.

Hotel City

Playfish’s Hotel City is a captivating game. The Restaurant City and the Old Sim Tower have been combined in this game. You can roam about and get a closer look at the hotel in this game.

Tiki Resort

In the video game Tiki Resort, the player builds a thriving tourism industry on a small island that is cut off from the ocean.

Bubble Island

Based on a well-liked arcade concept that has been updated for social gaming purposes, this captivating puzzle game is incredibly addictive. Here, a user fires bubble cannons, which cause bubbles of related colours to erupt, allowing them to advance through successive stages.

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