30 Cool Screensavers For Your Desktop

As their name suggests, screensavers were initially developed to prevent image burn-in on your monitor. Although screensavers are no longer necessary with modern monitors created with the newest technology, they are still relevant and extremely handy for protecting the data on your screen from prying eyes when your computer is idle or simply to demonstrate your passion for something.

Here is a list of awesome screensavers that you may download for your computer, no matter what they are for (either macOS or Windows). This collection of screensavers includes both random and useful ones, including as clocks and calendars.

Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers (4K)

Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers (4K)

If you love minimalism and simplicity, you want it to be evident wherever you look.

1. League Displays

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If you’re a lover of League of Legends, then this is the ideal desktop option for you, whether you have multiple or large displays.

2. IMAX Hubble 3D

Supports: Mac OS and Windows

The IMAX Hubble 3D presentation features images from the 2010 film of the same name, which features breathtaking views of our universe.

3. Electric Sheep

Supports: Mac OS and Windows

On your computer screen, the Electric Sheep screensaver creates captivating psychedelic animations. Algorithms are used to continuously alter the designs throughout time.

4. Aerial Apple TV

Supports Linux, macOS, and Windows

You can view beautiful aerial shots of well-known places that were captured by Apple and assembled for use as screensavers on Apple TV in this screensaver.

5. iOS Lock Screen

Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported.

Using this screensaver, you can have the iPhone lock screen on your computer if you prefer it. This screensaver’s snowy mountains and gentle zoom transitions are quite relaxing.

6. Dark Solar System


This screensaver will be a delight for you if you enjoy viewing photos of space, since it displays planets orbiting the Sun. It has customizable choices and a digital clock that is optional.

7. Panerai


A straightforward analogue clock screensaver called Panerai was created in the spirit of Panerai’s Luminor Marina watches. The primary analogue clock is visible and is shown in light green.

8. Northern Lights


The stunning light that nature displays in the Arctic skies is known as aurora. If you enjoy the natural light show, you’ll enjoy these Aurora screensavers.

9. Space Journey 3D

Supports: Mac OS and Windows

Wormholes, hyperspace tunnels, and a variety of other incredible images are among the spectacular collection of mind-blowing space shots that Space Journey 3D contains.

10. Retro Sci-Fi


Retro Sci-Fi will enthral you with images from those classic science fiction films. It contains numerous magnificent collections of images showing a future dashboard with circuit boards, terminals, etc.

11. Dropclock


This screensaver’s cutting-edge animation will wow you. The digital clock’s numerals are displayed as they freely fall into the water in Dropclock.

12. Cities of Earth 3D


With the help of this screensaver, you can explore the statistics for each of the world’s largest cities as they are shown on a lovely spinning planet.

13. Dutch Windmills 3D


With this brand-new, bright animated collection of Dutch windmills and water bodies, you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled back in time to the Middle Ages.

14. Polar Clock


Polar Clock is a gorgeous clock screensaver that displays an original and wonderful clock with circles that show the time and date.

15. Twingly


Tw1ingly screensaver continuously updates your screen with news about blog activities. If reading the news and gossip are two of your main interests, this screensaver can be helpful.

16. Midnight Beach


This screensaver depicts the beach being struck by waves during a full moon. You will experience calming effects since Midnight Beach is so realistic and beautiful.

17. Futuristic City 3D


With its architectural innovations, Futuristic City 3D depicts a futuristic metropolis city that is full of flawless images that transport you to the future.

18. Earth 3D


Another 3D screensaver, Planet 3D, presents a realistic image of our planet together with significant towers and regionally significant landmarks. Information about a few major cities is also included.

19. Apple Watch


A lovely screensaver for Apple Watch displays both wonderfully made analogue and digital clocks. It offers a glossy, minimalistic look with many different faces and hues.

20. Fliqlo Flip Clock


This flip clock-inspired screensaver will rock your desktop if you fall into the category of people who enjoy old items.

21. Flurry

Supports: Mac OS and Windows

Flurry is made up of lovely images from the original macOS X screensaver Flurry. On your desktop, there are bright flurries that resemble smoke, and it looks amazing.

22. Living Marine Aquarium 2


The deep sea is depicted in Living Marine Aquarium 2, a fascinating screensaver that includes aquatic life like the anemone crab and sea horse.

23. Western Railway 3D

40 enchanting and lovely underwater wallpapers are also available.

This screensaver displays the well-known image of an antique train trundling across the American heartland on the western railway. All lovers of trains must have this screensaver.

24. Dog Licking Screen


You will adore this screensaver’s magnificent sight of a real-life pug licking the screen from within if you love animals. It instantly places an adorable puppy on your desktop.

25. Dream Aquarium 3D


If you have this screensaver running on your desktop, you can access the ocean floor. Dream Aquarium 3D displays vibrant, high-quality images of the deep sea together with fish and coral.

26. Flux


Flux is a stunning screensaver that will win your heart owing to the captivating sight of “flux fields,” which are composed of particles that dart across the screen.

27. Ocean Dive 3D

Supports: Mac OS and Windows

You’ll want to dive into the ocean after seeing Ocean Dive 3D because of how stunning it is. It provides an immersive visual experience of huge fish, including whales, sharks, and other species.

28. Briblo


Briblo, a screensaver that combines Tetris and Lego brick games, will bring back childhood memories. The plateau is intended to have a lot of blocks in the animation.

29. Don t Touch My Computer 2


If you enjoy having fun, you will undoubtedly find enjoyment in this screensaver’s images. You’ll laugh out loud at the cute dog’s humorous animations.

30. Starfield Simulation


You may watch jaw-dropping views of space on your desktop thanks to Starfield Simulation. It displays a whole starfield made up of many white pixels acting as stars.

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