39 Best HD Games for iOS and Android

You’ll undoubtedly want to test your new smartphone’s capability with some demanding graphics games after opening the package and enjoying your eyes on its magnificence. Today’s smartphones are even better than the majority of handheld gaming consoles, so you can anticipate some incredible games with lifelike visuals in the app stores.

Check out these high-resolution games for Android and iOS if you want to dazzle yourself with some gorgeous smartphone games.

1. Brothers in Arms 3

Join World War 2 with your brothers and take the battle to the adversaries.

Take control of key sites, drive the opposition away, organise operations with 12 of your brothers, each of whom has special skills, and much more.

2. Traffic Tour


In the free run racing game Traffic Tour, there are 5 different landscapes for you to explore. As the name suggests, dealing with traffic while racing in all of the modes is a key aspect of the game. The best part is that you may compete against pals in real time and get fantastic rewards.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Asphalt 8: Airborne, arguably the best racing game for smartphones, features outstanding graphics and more than 40 tracks spread across 16 environments. You may access over 190 vehicles, and more are regularly added. They include authorised vehicles like the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, and Porsche 911, among others. You can perform acrobatics, take advantage of shortcuts, and even speed up while competing.

4. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Not merely a stunning game, but also one with a moving tale. You concurrently control two brothers in Brothers utilising specific controls, and you work together to obtain the Water of Life so that their father can be healed. You set out on a journey to a mythical country where you’ll face off against adversaries, work out puzzles, and utilise each character’s talents to advance.

5. Modern Combat 5


Eight different classes can be controlled in Modern Combat 5 to engage in multiplayer shooting. The game also features a story mode where you must finish various objectives and earn rewards. Each class has a unique collection of abilities, and you have complete discretion over which abilities you choose to develop based on your playstyle.

6. Leo s Fortune


To recover his stolen gold, you’ll need to guide an incredibly charming fuzzball through 24 distinct stages. You must avoid the traps and swiftly solve the physics-based puzzles in each level to advance. The levels are in various landscapes, including deserts, woodlands, snow-capped mountains, and more.

7. I, Gladiator


Even though I’ve played a lot of Gladiator games, this is possibly the only one that truly lives up to the fantasy. You have complete control of your Gladiator while playing this game, which features stunning graphics and slicing animations. To fight in the arena, you can move him about, pick up new fighting techniques, purchase armour and weapons, and do a lot more.

8. Samorost 3


An exploration game in which you use an adroit gnome to hop between several planets in search of the reality of its existence. Each world has an own theme, its own cast of characters, and puzzles to be solved.

9. Nitro Nation Drag Racing


Nitro Nation Drag Racing will undoubtedly please you if you enjoy playing quick and snappy drag racing games. The game features over 100 fully configurable cars in addition to great visuals and animations. It’s interesting to note that you may eventrade parts with other users online, which makes it a little simpler to obtain the components you want.

10. Shadowgun


You play as a vicious bounty hunter in a future shooting game as you try to stop a crazy doctor. The graphics are astounding, the landscapes are brilliantly drawn, and the game has a fantastic tale with characters who have been expertly voiced.

11. Wild Blood


A fantasy multiplayer game called Wild Blood was made with the Unreal Engine. You will have control over ferocious heroes equipped with incredible superpowers and upgradeable bows, axes, and swords. Play 4v4 PVP bouts with other players or follow the wonderful tale of Sir Lancelot.

12. Monument Valley


The game’s seamless gameplay and breathtakingly simple 3D graphics are what Monument Valley is known for. The levels are made up of lovely monuments, and Princess Ida must be guided through interacting with the monuments. Furthermore coming soon, Monument Valley 2 is presently accepting pre-registrations.

13. Gods of Rome


Many fabled fighters, including Roman Gods, monsters, heroes, and more, will be under your power. It’s a fighting game where combinations and skills are performed using the touch and swipe controls. Amazing effects and movements make the 3D graphics more captivating.

14. The Room Three


For fans of puzzle games, this game is a must-have. Each level of The Room Three takes place in a room filled with intrigue and mysteries. You can interact with any item in the area to gather clues and solve riddles, and the graphics are pretty fantastic.

15. MTB DownHill: Multiplayer


among the top video games for mountain riding. MTB DownHill employs real bike dynamics and has realistic settings. In the multiplayer mode, you can race against other players, or you can just finish the more than 20 single-player levels and set the fastest time. Also, you can upgrade and modify your bike.

16. Mortal Kombat X


Mortal Kombat, one of the most eagerly awaited console games, is now accessible on your smartphone and it’s better than ever. You can control all the Mortal Kombat series characters, as well as some brand-new ones, in MORTAL KOMBAT X. Your appetite for action will be sated by the game’s inclusion of all the renowned deaths and x-rays.

17. Eternium

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Although I won’t argue that it has the greatest graphics of all the games on our list, they are actually quite impressive for an open-world game. To travel the world and fulfil quests, you will command one of the four categories of characters.

To get stronger, you can upgrade your weapons, acquire armour, and learn new spells. Although it currently does not feature PVP, it is expected to add so in the fall of 2017. It’s also one of the few games that won’t demand payment in order to win.

18. Ultimate Tennis


With a wide variety of realistic-looking characters and 3D elements, Ultimate Tennis provides a realistic tennis experience. You can participate in PVP matches online or even in competitions. Each character has unique strengths and limitations, so running a variety of power shots will help you be the greatest.

19. The World 3: Rise of Demon


an RPG that emphasises monster hunting. To kill monsters and beat bosses, you must travel the virtual environment. The World 3 places a lot of emphasis on visuals and improving gameplay. There are clear differences between each strike and spell. Realistic imagery is also used for the characters.

20. Dead Trigger 2


among the top zombie shooting video games. You’ll have access to more than 50 weapons in Dead Trigger 2 to send zombies rocketing into space. The game offers a great weapon upgrade system, and you can even purchase side equipment to aid in missions. There are various terrifying settings where you can kill the undead.

21. Bullet Force


a multiplayer first-person shooter game with visuals similar to PC Counter-Strike and related titles. There are up to four game types and a maximum of 20 people can battle at once. The best part is that the game also contains an A.I system that enables offline bot play.

22. Dungeon Hunter 5


A dungeon raiding role-playing game where you can play for hours on end while leading your heroes through more than 90 dungeons. Around 900 different armours, weapons, and spells are available for purchase. Curiously, the game also has a construct and defend function where you can both plunder other players’ resources and defend your own resources.

23. Need for Speed Most Wanted


Enjoy the life of a wanted guy while avoiding the police and your enemies. Game of Speed There are more than 40 automobiles available in Most Wanted, and you can personalise them anyway you choose. Win every race, disappear, and crash and burn.

24. Castle of Illusion

Download: Android ($5.60) or iOS ($4.99)

Minnie is taken hostage by a wicked witch by the name of Mizrabel. Mickey embarks on an adventure to save his sweetheart while navigating the perils in this recreation of Castle of Illusions for the Sega Genesis.

25. Chaos Rings III

Download: Android ($9.99) or iOS ($9.99).

Choose a character pair, then engage in combat with other pairings in the Ark Arena. Fighting both humans and monsters is necessary for survival. Fantastic for lovers of Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy, and related turn-based games.

26. Anomaly 2

Download: Android ($29.98) | iOS ($19.99)

Aliens have taken over Earth, but humanity aren’t ready to give up just yet. A few surviving humans have formed a group for protection in the future, which is the setting of Anomaly 2. They must look for food and supplies in order to survive another day, but the aliens will obstruct their efforts.

27. Deer Hunter

Download: Android ($4.99) | iOS ($4.99)

Deer Hunter is a first-person shooter hunting game, as the name suggests. Yet, it includes more than just deer. Around 100 animals are available in the game, ranging in size from tiny creatures to enormous predators like wolves, bears, and others.

28. Walking Dead: The Game


In a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over civilization, experience life as a survivor. Take the role of Lee Everett, and make amends by defending Clementine the orphan. In this five-episode gaming experience, maintain the security of your group while meeting new individuals and seeing locations from the programme.

29. Blood & Glory: Legend


30. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

In an arena, lead a gladiator’s life. Spill the blood of your adversaries, compete in and triumph in every tournament in the empire, and you will become a legend. In addition, there is an unrated Android version, Blood & Glory 2, and Blood & Glory: Immortals.

In order to save mankind, humans ultimately return to a terraformed Earth that has been devastated by war after years of exile.

31. R publique

Use various weapons and vehicles while collaborating with pals in an immense terraformed terrain. Voice chat allows for real-time communication.


32. Bastion

Hope, a victim of a totalitarian regime, appeals for your assistance. Now you’ll need to lead her to freedom by breaking into the network of the enigmatic country. Those who purchased the first episode are entitled to three free installations.

Download: Android | iOS ($4.99)

33. Sky Force 2014

Bastion tells the tale of a survivor who is attempting to reconstruct a refuge or, possibly, a booming sky metropolis by making sense of the wreckage all around him. Android users are not able to play this game.


34. Space Marshals

Join the Sky Force to save the world. Destroy the wicked forces’ air force to defeat them. Upgrade your ship and armaments, blast through legions of foes, and shoot anything that gets in your way.


35. Heroes and Castles

Think of the American West in orbit! Take the role of a space marshal and track down fugitives who are abusing their freedom after escaping from a prison. Create plans based on your surroundings, be a stealth marshal when approaching adversaries, and pursue every hazardous fugitive you can find.

Download: Android ($4.99) | iOS ($4.99)

36. Adventures of Poco Eco

You must defend your monarch against the Undead Horde’s Orcs and Goblins at the gates of your fortress. The only ones who can protect the monarch and drive the terrible forces away are you and your army.

Download: Android ($1.99) | iOS ($1.99)

37. Occupation

Help Poco Eco, a curious explorer, locate his tribe’s lost “Sound” by solving riddles and finishing all the levels. Navigate through visually rich 3D landscapes and get lost in a world full ofcolors and astonishing music.


38. EPOCH.2

The world is over-run by zombies and chaos. With few surviving people left, it is your mission to protect and save your wife from all kinds of danger. Run, take cover, shoot zombies and survive. You play in an open 3D world with non-linear missions, which means anything goes. Thegame also has VR support.



EPOCH was programmed to find and protect a woman, Princess Amelia, and for a long time, he has torn through a war-ravaged land just to find her. Youplay as a robot in this game; upgrade yourself and destroy your enemiesin order to succeed.

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