40 Creative and Beautiful QR Code Artworks

The QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a brand-new type of barcode that can be read by a QR code reader that conveys data. It also has a horribly dull design. But, because to reader integration, designers may now turn its ineffective appearance into eye-catching designs like the one you see here!

Currently, almost anyone may upgrade their plain QR code design. These are simply 40 stunning, imaginative, and theme-based QR codes! While some of these may not resemble the typical black-and-white QR code in the slightest, you will be shocked to learn that they may actually be scanned to retrieve information.

Although the majority of QR codes are functional, not all camera apps or QR scanners can read them. To test out different QR scanner apps, you may still search for and download them from the app store. So why are we still waiting? Here is the list!

Angry Birds

Can this stage get you three stars? Floating bricks are only feasible in the most recent Angry Birds Space, despite the design being quite cool!

Advertising of the World as a source


JESS3 QR code art is all about originality, just like it says in the introduction.



These codes, like the ones below, are both inspiring and entertaining.


Fluid Pumping

I adore the illustration of the fluid pump! Who says black and white can’t have all the fun? These changes are fantastic and spice up the QR code’s appearance.



After seeing these creative designs that really function, I no longer think of QR codes as being square.


Lego Bricks

Finding this 3D QR code is really encouraging! a rare occurrence in the QR code sector.



truly brilliant


Fruit Ninja

And when I initially saw the layout, I was considering how I could slash them all with a single blow!

Origin: Qrezy

Emily the Strange

I sensed that this innovative design may succeed when I arrived at it through a Japanese website.

Origin: SET

Allied Pickfords

Nevertheless, the vehicle is preventing the code! No worries; everything is still working perfectly.

Origin: SET


Space Invaders have never been able to resist invading any form of art that has the potential to be nerdy, and QRious d co. aids in this invasion.

From QRious d Co.

Auto Chrome

It has been demonstrated with this beautiful design that overlapping dots are compatible with the code.

From QRious d Co.

Elie Vazar

I was intrigued and picked up the scanner to give it a shot because it was such a distinctive one.

From QRious d Co.


In addition to the beautiful appearance, the designer must have worked very hard and carefully to create this amazing item.

Author: QR Arts


Very conventional, yet with certain colours and shapes bent. That honestly seems scrumptious!

Citation: Paperlinks


I initially thought, “Wow, it would make a great business card!” When it comes to designing QR codes, Qrezy excels.

Origin: Qrezy


I believe it is time to order a QR code for myself after seeing all of these portraits.

Origin: Qrezy

Andrea Hamilton

Utilizing your portrait is a smart option because the human face, particularly the eye, can draw a lot of attention.

Origin: Qrezy

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