40 Free Infographic Templates to Download

These days, infographics are highly popular. They provide readers with a fascinating, engaging way to comprehend and remember large amounts of information. Infographics take a lot of time and work to produce from scratch because they are pretty large graphics that may contain a variety of charts, graphs, photos, typography, text information, etc. Finding each of these components independently and combining them into an infographic is difficult.

Nonetheless, there are many infographic templates that may be found online. To get you started on creating your own infographic, we offer 40 fantastic examples right here. Check out the following websites for additional infographic templates:

Templates for technology infographics. PSD file format [Download]

Business Model. EPS [Download] format

Vector infographic templates. AI, EPS, and SVG formats [Download]

Free vector infographic template. EPS and AI [Download]

Communication. [Download] Format: AI

innovative business strategy. EPS [Download] format

Nutrition and food. PSD file format [Download]

Water Research. PSD [Download] format

Vector graphic of a retro infographic. EPS [Download] format

Arrow flags. AI and EPS [Download]

Informational Graphics V1. Format: AI


template for a circular infographic. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Vol. 2. [Download] AI, EPS formats

rectilinear infographics. EPS and AI (Download) formats

contemporary timeline infographic. AI format [Download]

Vector elements for infographics. EPS [Download] format

vibrant banners. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Colorful. EPS and AI (Download) formats

free vector design elements for infographics. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Flyer Template. Format: EPS and AI

85 vector pie graphs. EPS, SVG, and PDF [Download]

informational pencil. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Steps in business. EPS and AI (Download) formats

trying to find a job template. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Business infographic template in colour. AI format [Download]

schematics in colourful infographics. AI format [Download]

Flat design for a company infographic. EPS and AI (Download) formats

UI Flat Design. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Fitness and sports flat design. Type: EPS, AI [Download]

Detailed infographic. Type: EPS, AI [Download]

Kit for Information Graphics. : EPS, SVG, and PDF [Download]

Subtle infographic elements that are universal. : EPS, SVG, and PDF [Download]

Information about money. : EPS, SVG, and PDF [Download]

Vector (SVG, EPS, PDF) elements for infographics. EPS, SVG, and PDF [Download]

infographic with rounded corners. EPS and AI (Download) formats

Flat Infographic Package in Vector. EPS, SVG, and PDF [Download]

Timeline model. EPS and AI (Download) formats

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