40+ Websites to Buy Geeky Gifts You Should Know

The best location to find wonderful presents for your loved ones is online, in places like Amazon. If your pal is, however, an ageek at heart, you could be interested in getting them something special. And you should rummage through some nerdy online shops to find that special gift. There are many online geek businesses that can satisfy you, whether you want to buy geeky items for yourself or to give to your smart friend.

Everything can be found online, from limited edition trinkets to amazing cosplay costumes and from tiny gadgets to roaring machines. Get items that would make any geek drool by visiting one of the 60+ online geek businesses on our list.

30+ Awesome Gifts Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

30+ Awesome Gifts Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

There’s always someone intelligent and passionate about technology, video games, and other cool stuff in one’s family or social group.


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It offers a great part for geeks despite not being a website that is exclusively for them. Many little devices and toys based on video games and movies are available. It includes some amazing items from Star Wars, Doctor Who, Batman, Pokémon, Star Trek, and many other shows that will undoubtedly make you go for your wallet.

Mental Floss Store

Another geek-friendly website with everything under one roof. Toys, technology, books, clothing, accessories, geeky art, and home goods can all be found. You may find gifts quickly and easily using the helpful Gift Finder feature as well.


Although the focus of the Mental Floss Store is finding cool apparel for your geek buddy, you can also get books, games, and household goods there. You can select presents for creative and intelligent geeks under the left-brain and right-brain gift guide sections, respectively.


According to its name, CoolThings does indeed feature products that would make you squeal with delight. The craziest quadcopters and a full Iron Man outfit may be found here. Also, they produce an entire post to discuss each product, which is ideal to guarantee you acquire the appropriate stuff.


NeatoShop features a nice selection of T-shirts that their own artists have created and produced. T-shirts can be found in a variety of genres, including science fiction, comedy, video games, and comic books. Try NeatoShop if you enjoy wearing T-shirts with your favourite characters.

Shut Up And Take My Money

JINX sells the best selection of apparel with a hint of gaming and is wholly committed to the gaming community. Notwithstanding the fact that the prints have no direct connection to legitimate games. If you are a die-hard gamer, visit JINX to locate some unique apparel.


The unique product range and a pun in each product’s description make even browsing the website entertaining. This will have you coming back for more. You will undoubtedly spend all of your money if you have a unique collection that includes R2D2 dancing USB, light sabres, Fallout Monopoly, and other items.


DealeXtreme has a great selection of electronics and gadgets, with a minor emphasis on apparel, accessories, and home goods. But, its incredibly low rates are what distinguish it as being so unique. Even a $0.99 section exists where you can find some great items for less than $0.99.


Geekbuying has a huge selection of electronics and gadgets while not concentrating on providing distinctive and intriguing geek goods. You can purchase wearables, consumer electronics, Laptops, phones, TVs, and other items.


Although I won’t call it one of the geekiest online retailers, it has a great selection of toys, technology, and housewares. You can find gifts using various filters in the gifts area as well.

Forbidden Planet

Although DudeIWantThat lists goods from several internet retailers, their selection is really compelling. Go to the “Gift for Geeks” area to uncover nerdy presents like the Predator Helmet or Pyro fireball shooter. I also enjoyed their OMG!!! section a lot.


Limited edition action figures, signed comic books, and other souvenirs from genuine celebrities are available at Forbidden Planet (usually require pre-orders). The majority of the collection comes from films and comic books.

Geek Alerts

For nerds who enjoy constructing their own PCs, ADIY nirvana. There are more than enough computer parts available at Xoxide to enable you to build your own PC. High-end cooling systems, PC cases, fans, accessories, keyboards and mice, cables, and everything else a Computer needs can be found.


An additional helpful website for finding unique products with video game and comic book inspiration. The majority of the objects included here are tied to characters from Marvel and DC comics, but you can also find items created as a result of Star Wars or Skyrim video games.

Insert Coin

Meritline doesn’t carry a huge selection of geeky goods, but you can discover some excellent devices at a reasonable price. You may buy PC or cell phone accessories, and the majority of them are relatively inexpensive.

Geek Gifts Galore

A website that sells clothing that is exclusively focused on video games. Pokemon, Dark Souls, Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, and many other video games have inspired clothing.


Geek Gifts Galore provides everything nerdy available on eBay.com. If you enjoy shopping on eBay, you should visit this site if you want to purchase a geeky item. All items advertised on eBay, including electronics, software, apparel, and home furnishings, can be found here.


Homemade geek items are offered to other geeks. Geek can sell their own creations to other geeks at Makeshed if they’re interested. Robots, drones, 3D-printed items, toys, and even DIY electronic kits and tools are available.

Geeks Store

IWOOT, a website entirely devoted to finding presents for geek pals, has excellent prices on gadgets, toys, and home goods. Gifts for specific occasions are available, and you may also obtain specialised assistance in selecting the ideal gift based on your requirements.

Something Geeky

Your one-stop shop for PC purchases is Geeks Shop. You can purchase laptops or desktop PCs that are already assembled, or you can build your own using Geeks Store components. You can basically find anything there, from mice to computer cases, and it boasts one of the largest collections of PC components.


Clothing and accessories featuring your favourite video games, comic books, and movies are available from Something Geeky. Items for Batman, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Star Trek, Marvel, Minecraft, and more well-known games are available. Also, the collection is pretty vast.


Cygnett, a website entirely devoted to phone accessories, has everything you need for the greatest experience from your phone. Battery packs, smart chargers, cables, cases, screen protectors, and other accessories are available to go with your smartphone.

Super Hero Stuff

A different website that only sells smartphone accessories. ………………., and a.. For phones made by Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Microsoft, and even the upcoming Google Pixel, all accessories are available.


You can find anything here that has to do with well-known superheroes. For your preferred superhero, purchasing clothing, accessories, or toys is simple. Your favourite superhero is probably mentioned here since there is stuff for over 80 superheroes.


ShopAndroid will be your shopping paradise if you chance to be an Android enthusiast. Almost every attachment for your Android phone is available here, including attractive cases, battery packs, smart chargers, and automobile connectors. To begin your phone shopping, select the model you want.

Twelve South

Technabob offers affordable prices on technology, online education, and security equipment. Instead than offering gadgets that were inspired by movies or video games, they sell gadgets that are truly useful. Also, they feature a quirky news zone where you may get intriguing gift suggestions, limited-time offers, and interesting news.


Twelve South specialises in selling solely parts and pieces for Apple products. Any app device should have accessories available, regardless of the type. If you want to check what Twelve South has in store for you, browse the accessories by choosing your Apple device.


You’ve found your second home if you’d purchase a present that is inspired by a geek even if it had no practical use. They offer hangover kits, gravity-defying wine bottle holders, electric cigarettes (no smoke), mug warmers, popcorn makers, melting clocks, and entertaining alarm clocks.


Have grandparents (or parents) that are older than 50 yet still have a youthful spirit when it comes to technology? Check out the gifts for seniors section of this website for items like the heatable slippers, USB photo scanner, LED magnifying glass, and pocket umbrella.


This website offers plenty of possibilities for the ordinary man or woman, but its best feature is the gift-o-matic, a filter that makes it easier for you to choose by providing all of your selections on an one page. They offer their top 10 gift suggestions for the completely lost, which will undoubtedly inspire you with some fresh ideas.

Japan Trend Shop

Here’s a website with unusual, fun, and occasionally bizarre gifts for anybody you can think of. Heli-riding, chocolate pills, slush machines, a lamp for reading, wooden timepieces, and an iPhone blaster pistol (gamers, rejoice!).


Use this website to uncover quirky tiny devices popular in Tokyo if you don’t think gadgets made in the US are all that intriguing. They offer a variety of technology, lifestyle, and cosmetic products, some of which have special features and ways of being used. Nonetheless, we won’t attest to the peculiarity of the things.

Star Wars Merchandise

Adafruit sells little electronics that can be used to create miniature robot-like projects for people of all ages and ability levels if you’re the ultimate electrical nerd. For intermediate and expert crafts that you may buy and construct on your own, there is also a tutorial area.

Sharper Image

If you’re looking for a Star Wars enthusiast as a Christmas present, check out this website. It contains official Star Wars apparel, memorabilia, books, music, toys, and even athletic goods.


As you can see from the picture, Sharper Image has a huge selection of gifts and technology for the whole family this holiday season. In addition to toys, they provide furniture, gadgets, and even useful improvements for your house.


On the website Threadless, nerdy T-shirts made by geeks from all over the world are for sale. You’re sure to find something fantastic in every original, one-of-a-kind design since they are all geeky.

Star Trek Store

Almost anything you can discover here is also available elsewhere. The Under $1.99 category on this website is what makes it unique. You can actually find some really cool items for yourself and others to give as gifts for less than two dollars, such as auto chargers, smartphone stands, screen protectors, lighters, pens, smartphone plugs, camera lenses, etc. begin to skim!

Edmund Scientifics

For the rest of us, it’s a fantastic online warehouse of everything Star Trek. Trekkies would likely be familiar with this business long before this post was published. Any Star Trek enthusiast would be delighted with the costumes, clothing, accessories, stickers, towels, and many more available this holiday season.

Coolest Gadgets

You’re up, scientific nerds, omg, omg, omg! Your website is live, after all. Discover beginner kits for geologists, geneticists, palaeontologists (dinosaur man! ), rocket scientists, and admirers of Leonardo da Vinci as well as digital microscopes, chemical sets, periodic table cartoon posters, and starter kits for physics.


If you live with a budding musician, you should consider getting them a real keyboard rather than letting them play music on an iPad, or at least one that connects into the iPad. It would work as well. This business, which is appropriately titled, has lots of amazing gadgets like that.

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