50 Handpicked Beautiful Tumblr Themes (Updated)

One of the most fascinating social media sites is Tumblr, which is also the home of creative people who enjoy exchanging ideas and thoughts with other people who share their interests. To draw in more readers, you’ll need an appealing Tumblr theme that you can personalise, and that’s what this piece is all about.

I’ve personally chosen 50 of the most stunning Tumblr themes for my readers, and I’m displaying them in this post. These themes are all original, of the highest calibre, and give users complete control over how their blogs seem to readers. Let’s investigate them.


A lovely, mobile-friendly theme that supports picture sets and has a straightforward design. Both Google Analytics and Google Fonts can be added with this theme. (Download)


a readability-focused, simple theme with lots of customizability options. To fit your demands, you can adjust the layout type, the font, and other settings. (Download)


A straightforward, retina-compatible, easily-readable theme with multi-layered navigation and different typefaces. You can include Google Analytics, Disqus comments, and more. (Download)

Ten Toes

A modern theme that showcases your artwork beautifully and has an unlimited scroll function. You can add Google and Typekit fonts, modify colours, and submit a logo. (Download)


Another lovely, minimalistic theme for building and displaying portfolios. You can alter the fonts and colours, add gallery images as headers, and do many other things. (Download)

Other Basic

a straightforward, minimal theme for building personal websites. You may alter the colours, add Google Fonts, reveal or conceal different page elements, and do a lot more customization. (Download)


a screen-friendly, accessibility-focused theme for building blogs and websites. You can modify the colours, add a search bar, and personalise the backdrop options. (Download)


A theme that is ready for a display to draw attention to your creative efforts, including music and photographs. You may add Disqus, Google Analytics, and other services and change the colours and headers. (Download)


A straightforward blogging theme that can support night mode. Moreover, it supports out-of-the-box Disqus comments, sticky navigation, and Google Analytics. (Download)


A speed-focused, mobile-friendly theme for showcasing your inner artist. Almost everything may be customised, including the colours and fonts, and you can post anything. (Download)


a straightforward weblog theme that supports Disqus comments and two columns. Tags, search options, and colour and picture changes are all possible. (Download)


a theme with split layout that supports infinite scroll. You may upload logos and photographs, modify the colours and fonts, and add Twitter and Instagram feeds. (Download)


A premium theme with a lot of customization options that supports Google Analytics, TypeKit and Google Fonts, social media sharing, pagination modes, and other features.



Catching Elephant

a theme with unlimited scroll that is simple to adjust. You can rearrange photographs, select from a variety of gallery modes, add a lightbox, and do other things. (Download)


a straightforward, two-column blogging theme that supports comments from Disqus. Other options include the ability to upload photos, apply localization features, and modify colours. (Download)


a high-resolution, minimalistic theme that emphasises readability attributes. Tags, the search feature, and Google Font can all be added and customised. (Download)


a straightforward, two-column theme that also supports infinite scroll. You may link your social media sites, modify the header and footer designs, and personalise the colours and fonts. (Download)


A lovely theme with a grid style that emphasises the display. It enables for unlimited scrolling, the addition of social feeds, and the alteration of design. Google Analytics and Disqus can both be added. (Download)


a strong theme with support for endless scroll and huge pictures. Besides from adding a video banner and customising the sidebar’s features, you can also include Google and Typekit fonts. (Download)


a straightforward blogging theme that supports localization. You can alter the colours, include Disqus comments, and make a few other adjustments, just like with many other themes. (Download)


A straightforward, editable theme with a grid style that works with Disqus comments. This theme has many features, like sticky navigation and limitless scrolling. (Download)


a flexible theme with a portfolio focus for exhibiting your efforts. The layout can be changed, a banner added, the sidebar customised, a Google or TypeKit font added, etc. (Download)


A simple, anime-inspired theme that offers a tonne of customization options. You may modify picture effects, add sticky navigation and infinite scrolling, among other things. (Download)

Candice Theme

A simple, lovely theme with a left- or right-sidebar option and an optional header layout. Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and Disqus comments are among the additional options. (Download)


Single-column, lovely blogging theme that supports Disqus comments. You may also incorporate Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and social media links. (Download)

The Atlantic

A straightforward, Blogger-inspired blogging theme with localization support. You may add Disqus comments, change the colours, and make other adjustments. (Download)


a basic, text-centered interface that enables localization. Changes in colour, Disqus comments, the inclusion of a search feature, and many other things are all possible. (Download)


A straightforward theme with two layouts and few features. Colors can be customised, localization support added, Disqus comments integrated, and many other things are possible. (Download)


a lovely grid-based theme for showing a resume. In addition to adding Disqus and Google Analytics, you can edit the header, change the fonts, link social media accounts, and more. (Download)


a simple, grid-style theme that prioritises readability and aids in portfolio creation. You may add social media links, change the colour scheme, and integrate Disqus and Google Analytics. (Download)


a simple theme with a blogging look and feel for making personal blogs. You may add Google Fonts, the Disqus commenting system, and Google Analytics as well as change the colours. (Download)


A stunning and tidy theme with a very responsive design. You can modify the colours and graphics, link to Disqus, and incorporate Google Analytics and Google Fonts. (Download)


a single-column, basic theme with unlimited scroll. It offers basic colour choices, a custom logo option, and support for tag addition. (Download)


A straightforward, three-column theme for building portfolios and showcasing photos. Its colours, graphics, and Disqus comments can all be personalised. (Download)


a theme for personal blogs and journals that is notebook-inspired and journal-inspired. With this theme, you may add Google Fonts, jump pagination, and tabbed content. (Download)


a two-column, simple theme with a short sidebar. The theme allows you to change the colours and pictures, as well as add tags and support for localization. (Download)


A straightforward style theme with a lot of customization options. You can choose an endless scroll or multi-column layout, modify the colours, and add a localization. (Download)

Art She Said

a simple, responsive theme with grid and masonry layouts. The colours can be changed, the information can be localised, and Disqus comments can also be added. (Download)

Illustfolio 4

A straightforward and incredibly minimalistic blogging theme for every Tumblr user. The theme supports adding tags to your posts and utilising custom pictures. (Download)


a straightforward, uncluttered theme allowing illustrators to display their works. You may add share buttons, select from a variety of column layouts, and modify a lot of things. (Download)

Simple Webcomic Theme (V4)

a simple masonry-style theme with grid layout and sticky navigation. Also, you may add social network links, pick from more than 40 typefaces, and tweak a tonne of other aspects. (Download)


Simple comic-style theme for quickly producing webcomics. It supports Disqus, Clicky, and Google Analytics in addition to offering a variety of blog layouts that may be customised. (Download)


a lovely grid-based theme in the masonry style for showcasing your portfolio. You can include social media icons, endless scrolling, Google Fonts, Disqus, and Google Analytics. (Download)


a simple theme with little customizability options that is specifically designed for blogging. The theme allows you to change the colours and pictures to fit the style of your site. (Download)

Just Plain Theme

an infinite scrolling theme with a simple grid design. This simple and free theme allows you to add internationalisation support and adjust the colours, links, and header. (Download)

See you

a minimal, minimalist theme with only the features required for a straightforward blog. Also, you can add localization support, adjust the colour scheme, and integrate Disqus comments. (Download)

Rank & File

A masonry-styled theme for making portfolios that is simple yet stunning. Layouts can be modified, and Disqus, Google Fonts, and Google Analytics can all be added. (Download)


A straightforward yet useful multi-column theme for making group blogs. You may add Disqus comments and personalise the header and sidebar to include an avatar, menu, etc. (Download)

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