6 Best Smartphone Overhead Tripods (So Far)

The greatest technique to capture it, whether you manage a food blog or are trying to shoot some product shots, is through overhead photography because it helps focus on what is important by reducing the measurements. Nevertheless, if you want to perform some mobile photography, it’s difficult to shoot images at a 90-degree angle from above.

What you require is an overhead tripod that can shoot stunning pictures. Although there aren’t many possibilities for overhead tripods, I was still able to identify 8 trustworthy ones. Some are specifically designed smartphone overhead tripods, while others can be customised to function as a single unit.

If none of these choices appeal to you, I also have some do-it-yourself suggestions for smartphone overhead tripods. Let’s look, then.

ALZO Smartphone Camera Horizontal Mount

an affordable and dependable method for overhead photography. This tripod mount from ALZO makes it simple to snap pictures from above with any tripod you own. It boasts a reliable smartphone mount that can hold all iPhone models and the majority of Android phones.

You may spin the smartphone both vertically and horizontally, and the rod size is entirely adjustable.

The best part is that it has a wireless Bluetooth shutter that enables cordless camera control, making it the ideal choice for tutorial films.


  • Adjustable rod with horizontal and vertical mount support.
  • Comes with wireless Bluetooth shutter.


  • Doesn t come with a tripod.
  • Doesn t come with a weight bag.

Klsniur Gooseneck Tablet Holder

The Klsniur Gooseneck Tablet Holder is a tablet holder for simple viewing and handling, not a tripod. The stand is flexible enough to allow for overhead shots, yet it is adjustable enough to support both smartphones and tablets under 10 inches.

Although it s not intended for overhead photos, but for such little price it gets the job done nicely.

You may move the smartphone holder in any direction you wish, up to 90 degrees, thanks to the smartphone mount’s 360-degree adjustment and the flexible standing rod. The stand does not require a weight bag and firmly mounts to a 2.5-inch wide table.


  • Very easy to adjust.
  • Firmly fixes to surface, no weight bag needed.


  • The arm is only 29-inches long, limiting the distance from the subject.

OverHead Smartphone Tripod Kit

Indeed, a whole kit for overhead smartphone photography is included here. It includes a very long arm and a three-legged tripod that are both adjustable. The tripod’s height may be increased to 5 feet, and the arm can be moved up to 3 feet.

The smartphone mount can spin 360 degrees to find the ideal position and is compatible with all iPhone models and the majority of Android phones.

The tripod was designed specifically for travel, and it comes with a tote case and a hand handle for simple handling.


  • Easy to carry around.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Rubber legs to prevent slipping.
  • Supports up to 150g smartphones.


  • Doesn t come with a weight bag for heavier phones, like Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Acuvar Camera Tripod

This full tripod kit comes with a smartphone mount for photography at eye level and from above. It costs only $13.95 and comes with everything you need for smartphone overhead photography, making it incredibly affordable.

You may wonder why it is so inexpensive. Well, it’s construction is incredibly weak; it weighs less than 1 pound in total.

It’s probably a wonderful pick if you can handle it properly and it can support the weight of your smartphone. Although it can extend up to 50 inches, I doubt that height will be sufficient for overhead shots.


  • Astonishingly cheap.
  • Comes with both tripod and smartphone mount.
  • Easy to carry.


  • The built is very cheap and requires extra care.

Arkon Pro Phone Stand

Strong phone holder designed primarily for shooting overhead videos. Although not being a tripod precisely, it nevertheless does a good job. The arm of the stand may extend to 12.5 inches, and the height can be changed from 20 to 29 inches.

Although having a square base, it offers enough stability to support all iPhone models and the majority of Android phones. Phones up to 2 pounds and 4 inches wide can be attached, along with cases.


  • Can handle even the heaviest smartphones.
  • The smartphone mount is 360 adjustable.


  • The height of the stand and the length of the arm is a bit short.

ChromLives Copy Stand

Another very affordable stand for overhead shooting with smartphone. Despite being composed of metal, the ChromLives Copy Stand is still rather light and could fall over if your smartphone is really heavy. Nonetheless, it features flat legs that, if necessary, can be secured to anything or weighted down to keep it from toppling over.

Due to its collapsible form and adjustable height of up to 18 inches, the stand is incredibly portable.


  • Cheap and reliable stand for overhead photography.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • May tip over if heavier smartphone is used.
  • Stand height is a bit small.

DIY Overhead Tipod Ideas

You may also make your own overhead tripod support with common household items and a few simple steps.

You will still need a smartphone mount, but they are quite inexpensive (you can purchase one for about $10), like this Ulanzi Tripod Mount ($7.99). Moreover, you can make your own smartphone mount if you don’t want to purchase one.

Here is a guide for building a tripod mount:

PVC pipe overhead tripod

A sturdy overhead tripod made of PVC pipes can be made for a very low cost and with relative ease using elbows, caps, and tees. To connect to the homemade tripod, you will need a smartphone mount.

Water bottle overhead tripod

It’s true that this project has a somewhat limited purpose, but it’s also likely the simplest and least expensive. Simply cut a hole in a large water bottle and insert your smartphone. The author uses water as weight, but you could also use sand.

Overhead tripod using a box

Only a box and a camera stick—or something similar, like a broom stick—are needed for this easy DIY project. To begin shooting overhead movies, simply cut a hole in the box and insert the stick with the smartphone attached.

Another PVC pipe overhead tripod

Another overhead tripod project using PVC pipe is this one. This one, however, does not need a special smartphone mount. The PVC pipes will be used by the author to make a mount. You can further adjust the shape as you require.

Ending thoughts

Although overhead photography is fantastic, there are only a few tools available to us to make it happen. I think UTEBIT Copy Stand is an excellent alternative if you just want to get something done. It is inexpensive and effective. Professional overhead photographers, however, would rather prefer OverHead Smartphone Tripod Kit or Arkon Pro Phone Stand.

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