8 Sites to Make Money for Video Creators

There aresites that ll pay you for the things you perform daily. But, if you have a skill, such as making videos, you need be aware of the best platforms from which you may use that skill to make big money.

It can be challenging to choose the best platform to reward your video-making efforts with a respectable salary. If you’re a serious video creator, your revenue might not be sufficient as the majority of websites only offer a little part of the profit. Also,some sites don t offer the right exposureto your films, thereby leading in dissatisfactory view counts.

After investigating a few dozen of them, I’m going to list the finest video networks for video creators in this post. Just read about them and chose the best for you.

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Dailymotion svideo monetization programearns you income every time an ad is displayed in your videos. It supports in-stream video ads to maximise revenue and aids in audience development by displaying pertinent ad content. All you have to do to reach a larger audience and get the most money is upload high-quality films and share them.

After you activate its monetization programme, you will immediately begin to make money (just like YouTube Partner Programme). Dailymotion shows advertisements in a variety of formats that seem appropriate for your channel and the videos. You can rent your videos from Dailymotion on demand or as part of a subscription in addition to seeing advertisements.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must upload your own original videos.
More info:

Vimeo On Demand

You must first create a pricing list for your videos or the channel in order to use this monetization strategy, after which you can start selling your content. You can brand your videos with your logo, unlike YouTube. Additionally, you can access your account to view comprehensive audience and revenue analytics. And use PayPal or Payoneer to withdraw your earnings.

You may sell your films directly to your viewers through the Vimeo On Demand platform, giving them the choice to rent, buy, or subscribe to your videos at a low price. Your videos can be sold on desktop and mobile devices to a global audience or to a specific regional audience. Also, you can advertise them through emails, newsletters, and social media.

You can add captions and subtitles to the videos and modify the video sites. The best part is that you can also use an outstanding poster to display your work. In addition to all of these, you can see the number of plays and sales data.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must join Vimeo PRO (costs $17/mo. billed annually).
  • You must have the copyrights of the videos.
More info:

Twitter Amplify

PayPal is used to transmit any revenue that is earned from your films to you. The prices for the videos are fully up to you, and you can also think about charging a special (discounted) rate for customers. Also, the website offers several currency options to make payment simpler.

With its pre-roll advertisements and the option to monetize video content in a variety of ways, Twitter enables you to make money from videos. It’s fantastic since it allows you to monetize your tweets, including videos, and share in the revenue produced. Nevertheless, at the time this essay was being written, this programme was only offered in the US.

You have the option to opt in or out of this programme at any moment thanks to flexibility provided by Twitter. Moreover, you can opt in or pre-set monetization for individual tweets or videos. You’ll receive a confirmation email from the team once you’ve been admitted to the programme.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must be a US resident.
  • You must be 18+ years old.
  • Your Twitter account should be in good standing.
More info:

Facebook In-stream Ads

When joining Twitter Amplify, the Media Studio will include a “Monetization” tab. Your earnings will be shown on the statistics tab, and you’ll receive payment via direct transfer, ACH, or PayPal after two months.

In order to make money from live broadcasts in the US, Facebook offers Ad Breaks. You can use the ability to pause your live videos in between running brief advertisements. You will receive a portion of the ad revenue in exchange for taking the breaks. To be eligible for the Ad Breaks programme, which is presently in abeta phase, you must have at least 2000 followers.

Commercial Breaks are available during a live broadcast if you are qualified for the programme. For you to profit from the live broadcast, it must last at least 4 minutes and draw a minimum of 300 spectators. You will receive the Ad Breaks message with a dollar icon if your broadcast qualifies. Simply click it to pause.

After your initial break, you can take live breaks every 5 minutes for further benefit. Viewers will see an in-stream advertisement for up to 15 seconds during the break. Viewers can pick up where they left off with the video after the advertisement.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must reside in the US.
  • You must have 2k+ Facebook followers.
  • The live broadcast must run for 4 minutes.
  • The live broadcast must have 300+ viewers.
More info:
  • Profit share: Not available
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Sign up: Not available
  • More details

Amazon Video Direct

From the Insightspage’s Settings section, you can check your profits. The money is then transferred to your bank or PayPal account.

It gives you the option to get royalties based on the number of hours Amazon Prime subscribers stream your content. This application makes your titles available on Amazon Video and supports video resolutions up to 1080p Full HD. Users can rent or buy your videos through this service, stream them online, and you earn a cut of the revenue.

Link your Amazon account to the programme, then set up your corporate profile to create your Amazon Video Direct account. You can publish videos that you own and see your dashboard’s streaming statistics, subscription analytics, and earnings. Also, you can access your account to view the predicted revenue and payment history.

Eligibility requirements:
More info:


You can advertise your video titles on Amazon Video Direct in the US and several other countries. For income split from rentals and purchases to monthly subscriptions and ad impressions, you can select one or a mix of the royalty plans. The money is transferred electronically or via wire immediately into your bank account.

Following 10,000 views, YouTube accepts any channel for revenue. If your channel satisfies the requirements, it’s simple to sign up for YouTube’s Partner Program and start making money. It’s interesting to note that YouTube also offers advice from top creators on how to grow your audience and get enough views to earn money.

You must ask for a review whenever your channel receives 10,000 views; reviews are often done within a week. Sign up for AdSense after submitting an application for its Partner Program, then configure your monetization choices. Your films will then display advertising and generate income for you, which you can view immediately in your AdSense account.

Eligibility requirements:
  • Your channel should have 10k+ views.
  • You own the uploaded videos commercial usage rights.
More info:


If I’m talking about potential revenues, your earnings will rely on a variety of elements, including the kind of adverts that run alongside your videos and how much they cost. You can monitor your channel metrics, subscribers, and much more from your account, which is another wonderful feature. Keep in mind to only post videos that you have the permission to use commercially.

With the help of the international video monetization platform VlogBox, content creators can launch their own CTV (Connected TV) channels and stream their material on popular CTV devices like Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. In addition to a full-cycle CTV advertising agency that can help to increase your brand awareness and draw new viewers to the channel, rationalising all of your efforts, and improving settings and strategy in terms of user acquisition, VlogBox offers a wide range of services, including a standalone monetization technology with a connection to a broad network of reliable partners that is already used by more than 1000 channels.

SVOD models (where you charge viewers a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription price for access to your material) and AVOD models (where you play advertisements before, during, and after your video) are two ways that content owners might monetize their digital assets. Clients with sizable audiences can also use VlogBox’s revenue-sharing model.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must upload your own video content

The Vault

The Vault has been discontinued.

Choose your favourite publishing platforms, pick a pre-made template or purchase a bespoke design for your future channel before uploading your videos in order to monetise content with VlogBox. You can start making money from your channel once it has reached a sufficient size.

You may upload your videos to The Vault, a video monetization platform from Break.com, and make money from them quickly. By showcasing your videos across its network or on YouTube, it helps them become popular and profitable. Also, you can sell your movies to businesses and media partners who need high-quality clippings for their video projects.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must upload self-created videos only.


Envul has been discontinued.

The Vault operates in a simple manner. Simply record or produce a video, then publish it to the website. After reviewing your submission, its team will contact you with an offer. If you agree to the terms, the company’s team will send you a paper check or a PayPal payment. You may receive a one-time or royalty offer on The Vault, unlike the other platforms.

With Envul, you can get paid for every 30 seconds of watched video.

With the help of this tool, you may monetize your movies and make money from them in a straightforward and ethical way. It rewards you for each individual watch of a video, so the more videos you publish, the more money you can make from them.

Eligibility requirements:
  • You must upload gaming-related videos.
  • The uploaded videos must be your own.

Ready to earn from video creation?

Envul will accept gaming-related videos. You must register with Envul and turn on Monetization for your films in order to participate in the monetization campaign. For every 1,000 views, a member can also earn up to $3 USD, however the real payment rate is mostly influenced by the number of users and how frequently they watch or download your films.

Envul’s affiliate programme also enables you to make money. You might receive 10% of your friend’s revenue share, for instance. With your Envul account, you may also monitor your video statistics, profits, and payments. And PayPal is used to send your payments to you.

Try out the aforementioned sites if you’re really looking for some areas where you may make good money from your movies. To identify the best site for you, I’ll advise you to test out a couple based on your content, site authority, traffic, and profit share.

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Remember that “content is king” and concentrate on the quality of your film as well as its subject matter. Also, you’ll get more views and downloads if you submit more original and high-quality videos. And that translates into greater income for you.

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