10 Best Web Highlighters for Desktop

Have you ever highlighted any websites? By automatically copying and pasting pertinent text you’ve found online, saving good articles in your directory, and underlining key passages in articles so you can remember them later, it helps us increase our productivity. I’ll introduce you to 10 practical web highlighters for the desktop in this article. Each … Read more

20 Beautiful Timeline Design For Your Inspiration

Given that all Facebook profiles are currently shown in this manner, I’m very confident the majority of you are aware of the use of timelines in design. Additionally, to display their stories, certain smartphone applications like Path or Tweetbot employ timeline-based designs. One of the finest ways to present chronological events in an organised and … Read more

How to Save .WEBP Images as JPG and PNG (6 Ways)

One could argue that Google’s proprietary WEBP image format is superior to the common JPG or PNG format. It produces files that are substantially lower in size than JPG while maintaining the transparency characteristic of PNG with little to no quality degradation. Today, numerous websites use it, including YouTube, Google Play, and the Android version … Read more

How to Access Blocked Websites (9 Ways)

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7 Types of Extra Bold Fonts (With Examples)

Want to use your next design to smack viewers in the face and grab their attention? If so, narrow, polite fonts are probably not going to be effective. Instead, loud, obnoxious fonts that demand attention might work. These fonts were created with designers who aren’t scared to experiment with traditionalist design trends in mind. Hence, … Read more

6 Best Smartphone Overhead Tripods (So Far)

The greatest technique to capture it, whether you manage a food blog or are trying to shoot some product shots, is through overhead photography because it helps focus on what is important by reducing the measurements. Nevertheless, if you want to perform some mobile photography, it’s difficult to shoot images at a 90-degree angle from … Read more

How to Get PS5 Restock Alerts With Visualping

Have difficulty getting your hands on a PS5? Several consumer electronics are having trouble getting back on the shelves due to a global microprocessor chip scarcity, a global pandemic, and stressed global supply lines; the PS5 is no exception. Consoles and other consumer devices have been in short supply ever since the debut, and manufacturers … Read more

How to Mine Shiba Inu (SHIB) On Your PC

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is quickly growing in popularity, and many people are interested in ways to get free SHIB coins. For those who are interested in joining the Shiba Inu mining trend, here is a how-to instruction that you may read on your computer. In this essay, I’ll go over some of the dangers associated … Read more