Best Offline GPS Map Apps for Android & iOS

…..ssst,t t. &ss. & sat. Turn-by-turn directions, a comprehensive traffic update, the best route to a destination, hotels nearby, and a wealth of other useful road information are all at your fingertips.

Nevertheless, almost all of these apps depend on an internet connection to function, and internet access is a luxury that is not universally available.

Get a maps app that supports offline maps if you want to be guided in an area without an internet connection or if your data plan is limited. And today I’ll introduce you to 8 of the best offline map apps for Android and iOS that will come in handy if your internet connection fails.

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1. HERE WeGo

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HERE One of the most widely used offline map apps is WeGo, which offers trustworthy online and offline functionality. With support for more than 100 nations, you can download an entire country’s map. The offline maps feature complete turn-by-turn voice navigation with information on every feature of the area.

The app’s main goal is to make your commute easier by automatically suggesting transportation options and finding the best prices on public transportation and car-sharing.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the tailored advice based on the mode of transportation you’re taking, such as information about how hilly the route is if you’re riding a bike or step-by-step directions when you’re walking.

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2. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic


This Sygic programme is well-known for its 3D offline maps, which provide excellent quality without using any data. 3D maps limit the possibilities of entering into a wrong street, and themaps and details are from TomTom, which is known for its reliable direction and traffic details.

For offline locations, the app delivers precise turn-by-turn navigation. Dashcam access, speed camera alerts, parking recommendations, dynamic lane guiding, and a fascinating Head-up Display function that lets you display the map details on your car’s windscreen are just a few of its other features.

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3. Google Maps

Price:Free, with in-app purchases available for as little as $8.99

Google Mapsis certainly themost famous and sought-after mapping appand comes by default for most Android phones. It also has an offline navigation capability, however it is somewhat less robust than those found in the majority of the other apps on this list.

Only an area of 120,000 square kilometres can be saved offline. Despite the fact that you can save several locations, this restriction might be problematic for many foreign tourists.

Google outperforms every other app primarily due to its huge map data covering more than 220 countries, whilst other apps scarcely cover more than 100. Like the majority of other programmes, Google Maps performs an excellent job of displaying points of interest, providing advise on public transportation, providing 3D maps, and much more.

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4. CoPilot GPS Navigation


One of the greatest apps for drivers is CoPilot, and all of its functions are designed to aid motorists in safe driving. It enables you to download a map of a particular area or nation that includes comprehensive POI information and turn-by-turn voice navigation.

It offers a robust route planning feature that you can access directly, as well as an ActiveTraffic feature that automatically manages your journey depending on current traffic conditions without requiring your own input.

Unfortunately, while offering a 7-day free trial, the majority of CoPilot’s features are behind a paywall. Only one zone will be available for free offline navigation; other regions can be purchased as in-app purchases. Additionally, some sophisticated features like ActiveTraffic demand in-app purchases.

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Free with in-app purchases beginning at $0.99

MAPS.ME enables navigation in a fairly straightforward manner and simply includes the necessities. Despite the fact that its offline maps feature is highly dependable and allows you to download any number of free maps of nations and areas.

It retrieves data from OpenStreetMaps and refreshes the app when the data on OpenStreetMaps is updated by the millions of users.

The programme itself is pretty light, and it also compresses downloaded maps to guarantee that they take up less space. Although traffic information and POI data are provided, the system isn’t as sophisticated or dependable as some of the other specialised map apps.

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6. Offline Maps & Navigation


Offline Maps & Navigation is designed to function offline using the phone’s GPS, as suggested by its name. All you need to do is download the maps once, and this programme will take care of the rest. It provides fixed speed camera alerts, turn-by-turn voice navigation, automatic map updates, 3D view, POI data, and thorough track recording.

Also, it offers a useful night and day mode that alters the app’s theme according to the time of day. Offline Maps & Navigation is a good choice if you only require a navigation app for offline use.

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7. Polaris GPS Navigation

Price: Free with in-app purchases for advanced features

This app was built especially for adventure-seeking off-road daredevils. Whether you enjoy any outdoor activity, such as hiking, sailing, hunting, camping, biking, or any other, Polaris GPS Navigation is your best buddy. It provides helpful features that will aid you in the wild along with offline GPS navigation to various off-road regions.

To aid you in your outdoor travels, it includes a built-in magnetic compass, odometer, altimeter, speedometer, chronometer, several GPS tools, waypoint navigator, annotation tools, and hundreds of other tools. I was also astounded by the sheer number of official tools it uses to provide direction, like Google Maps, trekking maps, NOAA Marine Charts, etc.

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8. MapOut


You have complete control over your maps thanks to the highly customizable iOS map software called MapOut. You can make your own waypoints to follow by drawing on the maps. Also, you may download maps of entire regions and use 2D and 3D views to travel through cities, streets, and even mountains while offline.

Adventurers who like to take issues into their own hands are the primary target audience for MapOut. If necessary, it can also provide dependable on-road guidance. Some of its features include,track recording, topological maps, tilt based 3D view, OpenGL accelerated map rendering and more.

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