7 Types of Extra Bold Fonts (With Examples)

Want to use your next design to smack viewers in the face and grab their attention? If so, narrow, polite fonts are probably not going to be effective. Instead, loud, obnoxious fonts that demand attention might work. These fonts were created with designers who aren’t scared to experiment with traditionalist design trends in mind. Hence, … Read more

40 Free Infographic Templates to Download

These days, infographics are highly popular. They provide readers with a fascinating, engaging way to comprehend and remember large amounts of information. Infographics take a lot of time and work to produce from scratch because they are pretty large graphics that may contain a variety of charts, graphs, photos, typography, text information, etc. Finding each … Read more

33 Best Websites to Download Free Vectors

In contrast to raster graphics, vector images are adaptable and scalable enough to maintain quality when scaled up or down from their original dimensions. It is therefore ideal for usage in both print and web design. Although we offer a tonne of collections with vector images—you can start with our multipurpose vector icon sets—we also … Read more