How to Mine Shiba Inu (SHIB) On Your PC

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is quickly growing in popularity, and many people are interested in ways to get free SHIB coins. For those who are interested in joining the Shiba Inu mining trend, here is a how-to instruction that you may read on your computer.

In this essay, I’ll go over some of the dangers associated with mining SHIB, how to do it, and how to monitor your results.

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Shiba Inu Mining Risk

You must be aware that there are risks associated when you begin Shiba Inu mining, just like with any new endeavour.

Not just SHIB coins, but all cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, thus here is a list of dangers you could encounter when mining Shiba Inu:

Your computer must run continuously for hours when crypto mining, which could potentially erode some of its internal hardware components. Similar to how mining SHIB coins can put serious strain on your computer’s hardware.

Because your computer must run for longer periods of time, you should prepare for greater electricity costs and be prepared to provide an uninterrupted power source in the event of an electrical outage.

Crypto miners and gamers both have a high demand for GPUs. As a result, you may anticipate a GPU shortage on the market. Nvidia has imposed crypto limits on particular graphic cards like the RTX 3060 Ti, 3070, and 3080 in order to combat this. Yet, this has a highly negative impact on mining performance.

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Step 1. Get a SHIB address

You will need a Shiba Inu address before you can mine SHIB. If you already have one, keep it nearby since we will need it soon. If not, use one of the techniques listed below to get one:

Get SHIB address via Coinbase
  1. Sign in (sign up) to your Coinbase account.
  2. Select Trade from the left-hand menu and search for SHIB.
  3. Click on the result when it s found.
  4. Click on your account s icon (top right), go to Settings > Crypto addresses.
  5. On this page, you will find your SHIB address, as illustrated in the screenshot.
Get SHIB address via Kucoin
  1. Sign in (sign up) to Kucoin, then select the Main Account option on top.
  2. Search for SHIB, then click the Deposit button next to it.
  3. This is the location of your SHIB address.
Get SHIB address via MetaMask

One of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets on the market right now is MetaMask. It is an open-source, free wallet that works with all ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can use MetaMask as a browser extension or as a mobile app across a variety of platforms. You can receive an address and create a wallet with it. The MetaMask wallet is the alternative method for obtaining a SHIB wallet address. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Download and install the Metamask Chrome Extension.
  2. Once installed, click your profile photo in MetaMask, then go to Settings.
  3. On the next screen, select Networks.
  4. Click the Add Network button and fill in the details as follows:
    Network Name: Smart Chain
    New RPC URL:
    ChainID: 56
    Symbol: BNB
    Block Explorer URL:
  5. Save the new network, and you will be redirected back to the main MetaMask screen, where you will see your new BSC wallet.
  6. Copy your wallet address at the top, right under “Account 1”.

Step 2. Download and configure XMRIg

The official GitHub source or the XMRig website are where you can download the most recent version.

Edit pool_mine_example.cmd

Open thepool mine example.cmd in your code editor after extracting the downloaded package, and look for the portion that contains the following codes:

cd %~dp0
xmrig.exe -o -u SHIB:0xe1b2456a2Ad227b93D7a7421f1E9Cc57908cC37c.wini3#e4xd-wmzl -p x

Between o and u is where you can find the Pool URL. Depending on where you are right now, substitute this instead:

  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:

You must next enter your SHIB wallet address. Insert your SHIB address afterSHIB:, and before.wini3.

If your SHIB address is 0123456789ABCDEFGH, for instance, it would appear as follows:

SHIB:0123456789ABCDEFGH.wini3#e4xd-wmzl -p x

The general format of the address is as follows:

[Wallet address]: [COIN].


Editing config.json

[Code to reduce mining cost]

"pools": [
"url": "",
            "user": "SHIB:0xe1b2456a2Ad227b93D7a7421f1E9Cc57908cC37c.wini3#e4xd-wmzl"

To make it simple to identify a miner later on in the pool metrics, you can assign each machine where the miner is executing a unique name with the TheWorkerID variable. Since it lowers the mining fee from 1% to 0.75 percent, the code after#is crucial. You can stop mining with that code and begin using thee4xd-wmzlcode.

Step 3. Run pool_mine_example.cmd

ThepoolsObject must also be configured in the config.json file. Look for the portion that reads as follows when you open the file:

Change and 0xe1b2456a2Ad227b93D7a7421f1E9Cc57908cC37c with your pool’s URL and SHIB address, respectively.

Step 4. Check your mining stats

Execute thepool mine example.cmdfile with administrative privileges. If everything works correctly, you should see something similar to the following screenshot. That indicates that you are currently using XMRIg to mine SHIB.

The window for the miner that is now executing on the CPU looks like this.

When you add the address to the XMRig config file, you also join the pool of A mining pool called Unmineable enables you to mine using RandomX and your CPU while paying you in any cryptocurrency you choose.

  1. Go to and select the RandomX tab.
  2. On the area titled Enter your address to check your stats. , Enter your SHIB wallet address, then click the green search button.

It tells Unmineable the address to which they should deliver the mined coins as well as the coin you wished to be paid in (in our example, SHIB).


How to verify your mining status is as follows:

Your total number of Shiba Inu coins should be visible.

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