How to Setup TREZOR Wallet (For First-timers)

If you take your cryptocurrency holdings seriously, you should store them in a hardware wallet because it is most likely the safest option. In this guide, I ll show you how to set up yourTREZORone of the most secure hardware wallet available for the very first time.

How to Reset and Recover Your Trezor Wallet

How to Reset and Recover Your Trezor Wallet

A trustworthy and safe cryptocurrency wallet is Trezor. But, if you unluckily forget your Trezor one day… Learn more.

Inside the box

Make sure the security seal on the package is intact first and foremost. Contact TEZOR support if you believe it to be tempered.

This is what you get when you open the box.

1. TREZOR hardware wallet. 2. Recovery Seed card. 3. Lanyard. 4. Instruction paper. 5. USD to Micro USB cable.

Setting up TREZOR

Setting up your Trezor for the first time is rather simple. The entire operation should just take ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 1: Connect TREZOR to your computer

Use the included USB cord to connect your TREZOR wallet to your computer. You should then see a Lock icon and a message instructing you to go to on the screen of your TREZOR wallet.

Step 2: Go to

Find out how the recovery seed and TREZOR PIN function. After that, decide whether or not you wish to sign up for their newsletter and get on with setting up your device.

Step 3: Install TREZOR Wallet

Visit wallet. if you weren’t already. You can either install the TREZOR Chrome Extension or the TREZOR Bridge tailored to your operating system in order for your TREZOR device to communicate with your TREZOR wallet.

Step 4: Install laterst firmware

I’m going to use the Chome Extension in this guide.

The gadget will not have any firmware installed when it is supplied for security reasons. For the initial firmware installation, select “Yes, Install” and start the process.

Step 5: Reconnect TREZOR

Verify that the firmware fingerprints on your TREZOR and your browser screen match by comparing them. On your TREZOR, press “Continue”.

Step 6: Give TREZOR device a name
Step 7: Setting up the PIN

Go to wallet, unplug it, then replug it in.

At first, setting up your PIN could seem difficult, but once you understand it, it’s simple.

In your browser, a 3 3 grid (with dots) will be shown.

And on your TREZOR, you will see a 3 by 3 grid (with numbers).

Step 8: Write down the recovery seeds

This must be repeated twice in order to verify your PIN.

Find out more about the TREZOR PIN.

Your TREZOR will then show a special string of 24 words. In the event that your device is lost, you will be able to recover your accounts using this.

Final Step: Enter PIN to access TREZOR wallet

Ensure sure your recovery seed card is never lost.

Read more about recovering PINs.

  1. Access your other cryptocurrency wallets. TREZOR currently supports: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
  2. Customize your TREZOR device homescreen.
  3. Access security features like enabling and disabling passphrase and PIN here. You can also wipe (remove all information) your TREZOR device here.
  4. Edit device s basic settings; e.g. Change label and PIN.
  5. Lock TREZOR device.
  6. Forget TREZOR device.
  7. Change fiat currency, currency backend and bitcore server url.
  8. Connect TREZOR to Dropbox to access features (E.g. Rename accounts, Label receiving addresses) and information (E.g. Comment transactions) TREZOR wallet and transactions.
  9. Add new account.
  10. Add old accounts before SegWit.

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If your browser is already closed, open it again and navigate to Enter your PIN and press Enter to access your wallet for the first time.

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