iOS 7 Download Links & How to Install It Yourself

There are a few things you should be aware of if you haven’t tried out iOS 7, Apple’s most recent release of its mobile operating system, yet.

For starters, you can upgrade it over-the-air by going to Settings > General > Software Update, however you should be aware that it is more than 1 GB. It can take some time for this update to complete depending on your Internet speed.

The update and installation can also be attempted manually, which is where this post comes in. Keep in mind to first run a backup before moving forward.

The iPod (5th generation and up), iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up, and the iPad Mini are all compatible with iOS7. The iPhone 5S and 5C will be using the 7.0.1 version, in case you were wondering. How to install iOS 7 on your device is shown here.


But first, here’s how to determine whether your phone is a GSM or CDMA model if you’re unsure. Your iPhone or iPad’s model number is printed in tiny print on the back of the device. The model number for the iPhone 4S, A1387, is visible in this image.

Note:Check out Apple’s support pages for the iPhone and iPad for further information on model identification. A more comprehensive list of model numbers can be found in this other source.

Download Links

In the table below, we’ve grouped the model numbers with the download URLs for your convenience. Download the required file, then move on to the manual update phase of the following section.

iPad (4th Gen) (4th Gen)

iPad 4 (Global) A1460 Download 1.38 GB
iPad 4 (GSM) A1459 Download 1.38 GB
iPad 4 (WiFi) A1458 Download 1.32 GB

iPod touch

iPad Mini (Global) A1455 Download 1.15 GB
iPad Mini (GSM) A1454 Download 1.15 GB
iPad Mini (WiFi) A1432 Download 1.11 GB

iPad (3rd Gen) (3rd Gen)

iPad 3 Wi-Fi A1416 Download 1.31 GB
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (ATT) A1430 Download 1.34 GB
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (Verizon) A1403 Download 1.34 GB

iPad (2nd Gen) (2nd Gen)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A) Download 1.04 GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi A1395 Download 1.04 GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) A1396 Download 1.06 GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA) A1397 Download 1.06 GB

iPod touch

iPhone 5 (CDMA) A1442/A1429 Download 1.23 GB
iPhone 5 (GSM) A1428/A1429 Download 1.23 GB

iPhone 4 and 4s.

iPhone 4s A1387 Download 1.18 GB
iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A) Download 1.12 GB
iPhone 4 (GSM) A1332 Download 1.12 GB
iPhone 4 (CDMA) A1349 Download 1.12 GB

iTunes Touch

iPod touch (5th generation) Download 1.16 GB

How to Update to iOS 7 Manually

Following your download of the necessary file, follow these instructions.

  1. Launch iTunes (you will need the latest version) and look for the iPhone (or iPad) button on the top right.
  2. Hold Options (or Alt) key, and click Update.
  3. Look for the downloaded .ipsw and click Open.

That’s it. Your setup will now get underway.

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