The Very Best of Hand Painting Art [PICS]

The craftsmanship of the human hand is magnificent. It is a tool that may also be used to produce other wonderful works. Consider the practise of hand painting. Hand painting brings life into a piece of art through movement, the surface of the skin, or the lines on the palm. The hands are used as part of the finished artwork itself.

It can sometimes change the way you look at art, particularly when it comes to works that employ the hand as a canvas. The hand occasionally stands out clearly, while other times it blends into the piece of art like an optical illusion. Here are just a few instances of how gifted artists truly create their art with their hands.

35 Imaginative Hands And Fingers Photo Manipulations

35 Imaginative Hands And Fingers Photo Manipulations

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Lara Hawker

An artist from New Zealand named Lara Hawker specialises in creating attention-grabbing face and hand paintings. That is understandable given that she began when she was 14 years old. Her crafts have a theme, so check out what she created for Halloween the year before if you want to be wowed. Follow her on Facebook or visit her Tumblr blog to learn more.

IMAGES: Canada, Carolina

Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele started his “Handimals” project in 2000, which is the practise of painting animals on the hands. Quite likely, if you’ve ever come across Handimals online, Guido Daniele is credited with creating them. He also organises a lot of other exhibitions and forms of art. More of his masterpieces can be seen on this website.

Mario Mariotti

Even though Mario Mariotti is no longer alive, his handiwork is constantly in demand. He turned his hands into strange but interesting creatures as a conceptual artist. In his book Animanii, he uses paint, his hands, and a few everyday objects to bring a variety of wild animals and plants to life (string, buttons).

Annie Ralli

For ten years, Annie Ralli worked for BBC as a scenic artist, building and painting backdrops for scenes in movies that were filmed there. She now works with customers to do body painting (including hand painting), murals, and advertising copy. On her website, you may view more of her work.

Svetlana Kolosova

Svetlana Kolosova is a musician, poet, and artist. She enjoys painting on her hands, but don’t let that deceive you into thinking that she isn’t producing works of art. Her paintings all feature scenarios from fairy tales that were influenced by writers like Hans Christian Anderson. She washes them off every day, and they take anywhere from one to three hours to finish. More of her work is available here. These pictures came from

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