These Hilarious Google Suggestions Will Make You LOL

Every time you conduct a Google search, you come across what are known as Google Suggestions, or predictions (here s an interesting post onhow Google suggestions work). It basically combines autocomplete and the “are you looking for this?” question and is based on actual queries made by Google Search users.

While the most of them are beneficial, a few are outright divisive and/or amusing, which is why we decided to assemble this post on 30+ humorous and odd Google suggestions. In fact, the piece pretty well writes itself.

If these forecasts illustrate anything, it’s that when we believe we are alone, we tend to look for the most bizarre things.

Find Out What Google Knows About You With These 10 URLs

Find Out What Google Knows About You With These 10 URLs

Google is a lot more than a dominating search engine. Many of your favourite things are also found there. Learn more.

Why isn t 11 Pronounced onety one
Why is My Goldfish Turning Black
Why Do Men Like Boobs
Why Can t I Poop
Why Can t I Own a Canadian
Where to Donate a Testicle
When I Jump I Wet Myself
Whats a Boyfriend and Where Can I Download One
What is the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
What If Google Was a Guy
What Does It Mean When Your Poop Floats
What are These Strawberries Doing on Google
How Do I Google Something
How Do I Convert to PDF
How Come Cupcake Is Not Considered a Mineral
Help I m a Prisoner in a Chinese Bakery
Google Will You Marry Me
Google Will Eat Itself
Do You Ever Look at Yourself in the Mirror and Think What Wattage
Don t You Hate it When a Sentence Does Not End the Way it Octopus
Don t You Hate It When a Chinchilla Eats the Universe
Is It Normal to Eat Period Blood
Is It Possible to Live Forever
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Never Put a Sock in a Toaster
Sometimes I Like to Pretend I m A Carrot
Do Men Have Periods
Dinosaurs Were Made Up by CIA
Did You Have a Brain Tumor for Breakfast
Cats Like Hitler
Can a Human Get Pregnant by an Animal
7 Times 14
Is It Impossible to Lick Your Elbow
Is It Bad If Your Poop Floats
If I Ate Myself Would I Double in Size
I Ate a Big Red Candle
How Do I Quit My Job
What Would Happened If There Was No Google

What would happen indeed.

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